English: tar spot; tar spot of maize; Spanish: mancha de asfalto; mancha negra; mancha negra del maiz; French: tache noire du mais. El “complejo mancha de asfalto” del maíz, su distribución geográfica, requisitos Etiología y manejo de la mancha de asfalto (Phyllachora maydis Maubl.). mancha de asfalto del maiz []. Malaguti, G. Subero, L.J.. Access the full text: NOT AVAILABLE. Lookup the document at: google-logo. mancha de asfalto del.

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Arrasa la “Mancha de Asfalto” con siembra de maíz | El Veraz

Leaf inoculations with M. Cryptogamic Botany, 2 Title Symptoms Caption Blight developing between ‘fisheye’ spots on Zea mays. Despite the increasing importance of TSC in maize and the resulting need to carry out epidemiological or control studies, there is no standardized quantification method of the disease that provides easily reproducible results among investigators or institutions; therefore, the objective of this investigation was to design and validate a diagrammatic logarithmic severity scale for the maize – Phyllachora maydis and Monographella maydis – pathosystem that allows the evaluation mandha the damage maia by the disease in fields, analyzing the accuracy, precision and reproducible values generated with its use.

The disease they cause occurs in the cooler and higher elevations of Mexico, and Central and South America, and the West Indies, so their ability to spread over land through other climatic zones may be limited. The pycnidia of the Linachora asexual state appear early in infection Parbery, ; Hock et al. High levels of accuracy were observed; r 2 was comprised between the range of 0. Pest or symptoms not visible to the naked eye but usually visible under light afalto.


The anamorphic form of Monographella maydis usually grows in the necrotic areas around the ascomata Muller and Samuels, ; Bajet et al.

Phyllachora maydis (black spot of maize)

Another member of the fungus complex associated with tar spot is Coniothyrium phyllachoraea pycnidial fungus that is considered to be a hyperparasite on Phyllachora. Title Ascospores Caption Ascospores of Phyllachora maydis. The total foliar area mmaiz the total diseased area of each digitalized image was determined through the Image Tool 3.

Australian Journal of Botany, 19 2: Tests of standard diagrams for field use in assessing the tarspot disease complex of maize Zea mays Tropical Pest Management, The logarithmic scale was generated through the 2-Log V1. Ceballos H; Deutsch JA, Biological Control Reduction in size of P. Design of the diagrammatic logarithmic scale.


La mancha de asfalto del mais. The means of persistence and sources of initial inoculum other than maize [ Zea mays ] need to be determined. Title Perithecia Caption Perithecia in cross section of tarspot lesion on Zea mays. The disease was not found on grasses or on wild Zea teosinte in Mexico Hock et al. Spots are circular, oval, sometimes angular or irregular, and may coalesce to form stripes up to 10 mm long Liu, maia The precision reproducibility or variation associated with an estimationestimated by the coefficient of determination r 2 and by the variability of the absolute errors Nutter et al.


Contribution of Reed Herbarium Reed Herbarium. Lista de Hongos Fitopatogenos de Cuba [English title not available]. The International Seed-Testing Association. Plant Pathology, 44 3: The incidence of TSC causes severe yield losses and deteriorates the quality of the fodder; furthermore, it has the potential asfalti entirely destroy parcels of land Pereyda et al. Evaluation of the criteria of species.

Distribution Table Top of page The distribution in this summary table is based on all the information available. Baker Red; Dale WT, International Maize and Wheat Improvement Center, pp.

International Journal of Pest Management, 40 2: Compendium of Corn Diseases [ed. Entrez cross-database search engine. Illusions in jaiz assessment of Stagonospora leaf spot of orchardgrass.