Mahanidana Sutta: Sutta Pitaka: The Mahanidana Sutta (“Discourse on the Great Origin”) gives the fullest canonical treatment of the doctrine of dependent. Buddha and Ananda talk about the Interdependent Origin of Suffering. One day, Ananda said to the Buddha that although the doctrine of the. It is true that Maha Nidana Sutta in the Digha Nikaya points out Paticcasamuppada (the process of Dependant Arising), and of Nāma-kāya.

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Waldschmidt ; vol v ed. Triple Thirst If there were no immersion of consciousness in the perception of the eye, ear, tongue, nose, body and intellect, then where the Triple Thirst would be drawn from? Are there any mahanodana reasons or grounds why Buddhists should accept the Maha-Nidana Sutta of the Digha Nikaya as the words of the Buddha? Your email address will not be published.

Mahanidana Sutta | Three Vajras

Seeking is a cause of gaining material possessions. Therefore, birth is the cause of aging and death. Two bundles of reeds are kept on the ground with a little space between them leaning against each other with their top ends, that both the bundles are kept standing with the support of each other.

And this is a way to understand how this is so. Again, if the mother is not conscious of the embryo or of her child, she will not make Delineations of a Self, namely, “my baby”, “my child”. If in the first chain, the effects of dependence on the senses are aging and death, then in the second, it is bad behavior leading to degeneration in the lower spheres.


Note that this is an aid only, and is not always accurate. Maahnidana, take those who describe the self as physical and infinite ….

A mendicant is freed by directly knowing this: Sign up using Facebook. The main question about Maha Nidana Sutta is “It’s amazing, lord, it’s astounding, how deep this dependent co-arising is, and how deep its appearance, and yet suttq me it seems as clear as clear can be it seems mahhanidana easy to understand for me.

I, 76; II, 13; Vin. Fear of loss as well as possessive feelings arise based on attachment and passion. This is the sixth plane of consciousness.

15. Mahanidana Sutta

Going totally beyond the dimension of neither perception nor non-perception, they enter and remain in the cessation of perception and feeling. You have to be a member in order to post comments. The Buddha showed this with an example of two bundles of reeds to make it easy to understand.

How do those who regard the self regard it? The desire to possess and the desire for experience of possession arise from the Triple Thirst and immersion in the activity of senses.

Excitation of consciousness If there were no Triple Thirst, where would the excitation of consciousness come from?

Saptha Visuddhi 8, 1 5 Suppose there were totally and utterly no stinginess for anyone anywhere. Ananda says that the doctrine of events as arising from causes is quite clear to him; that it only appears deep. I will try and find the answer to your question within the month, but let us keep in mind that learning is a gradual process. There is suta way of liberation beyond the unity of these two paths, says the Buddha.


Mahanidana Sutta | Buddhist work |

That is how this entire mass of suffering originates. Limit s of analytical research Returning to the main chain of Nidanas, the Buddha explains: Now, take those who describe the self as physical and limited. This is the first liberation. On his question Paticcasamuppada was easy to understand we can deduce that Venerable Ananda had Vijja and got rid of Avijja since he first joined Sanga.

One day, Ananda said to the Buddha that although the doctrine of the Nidanas the links in the chain of the interdependent origin of suffering is deep and difficult, but he, Ananda, understands it as clearly as possible.

It is a deep and complex doctrine, and understanding this is Key to seeing the Truth. On hearing it again, preached by Gotama, she revived her memory and became an arahant. Possessiveness is a cause of stinginess.

Would impingement contact still be found in the category of mental phenomena?