Una nueva tecnología para el desarrollo de sitios Web emerge pero ¿para destronar a PHP Ruby On Rails; PHP on Symfony vs. Ruby On. Temas en el Foro: Symfony, Feed RSS · Herramientas del Foro. Calificación Tema / Autor, Último tema, Respuestas, Visitas. select · Problema al crear un Select. Best Symfony tutorials, best Symfony books & best Symfony courses to learn Symfony in Curso Symfony 2 (Spanish Edition) (Guía de Maestros del Web).

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Added script to read several movies and grab the resolution, codec used, format used and name of movie to create a simple way of organizing all movies.

This will be changed to python in the future and added to a new tool that can categorize movies for movie lovers. Work in PHP Projects related to enhancing the code base. Design and implement Cloud based systems. All of this based on Open Source software. Design Web applications that are user friendly and open to all technology devices.

Work with latest trends and technologies to have an up to date code.

Learn Symfony: Best Symfony tutorials, courses & books – ReactDOM

Have tendency to always study latest technologies like node. Anything new that comes out and tend to study it and use it if able to. Provide an updated and easier to check process management that can include gathering of more detailed information for better analysis and a more complete track of how the process is working and in cases where it fails, notify for quick response.


Optimize and automate key processes that affect pacients and doctors directly and help mzestros a more positive environment. Additionally I give chats about how to orient beginners into the world of technology and how they can better themselves towards needed projects that can help the real world and weeb society. Able to Teach at University Level with current methodologies updated to include trends of technology that affect, promote and benefit current learning techniques.

This include but not limited to remote teaching, video conferencing or working on web e-learning sites while applying learning techniques with technological advantages.

Pablo Gonzalez – Google+

Similar to Linux from Scratch but including the benefits of open source in a wide range of scenarios. Optimize process levels and relate processes to better understand how a system works and what can change to make it more efficient. Are you sure you want to do that? Cancel Yes, delete it.

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Bash Scripts Added script to read several movies and grab the resolution, codec used, format used and name of movie to create a simple way of organizing all movies. Linux Foundation Certified System Administrator.

Software Developer at Brilliant Directories. With focus on Linux servers, system administration, security, cloud services and more. Created web management systems for several universities, consumer products and entrepreneurs. Create webapps to manage small systems using PHP and Linux.


System Engineer at Oncopat. How to install and configure Wine? Teach and a College level the following topics: What is Ubuntu Touch Ubuntu for Phones.

Learn Symfony: Best Symfony tutorials, courses & books 2018

Associate’s Degree in Pedagogy. Associate’s Degree in Open Source. Able to Understand the Fundamentals of Open Source.

Any way to check the clock speed of my processor? How to fix “The system is running in low-graphics mode” error? Able to Design, Analise, Manage and Carry on development projects.

Able to coordinate groups and work in group environments to achieve a goal. How do I install the Nvidia drivers? Installing Dek Wireless Drivers. How to split larger files into smaller parts? What are zombie processes? How do I install a. Are PPAs safe to add to my system and what are some “red flags” to watch out for? How to enable or disable services? How to connect and disconnect to a wev manually in terminal?

Deitel ; Paul J. The Lord of the Mqestros Company data powered by. Jason Gilmore — http: The Silmarillion — J. The Hobbit — J.

Intel DX Favorite Editor: