the M Call Center Meridian Digital Telephone User Guide. The M has one Line (DN) Key and three Programmable Feature Keys. (self-labeled). Meridian M, M, M, M – User’s Guide – user manual overview and full product specs on CNET. View and Download Nortel M quick reference manual online. Meridian Digital Telephones. M Telephone pdf manual download. Also for: M

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Nortel Networks Meridian M3902 User Manual

Contents Enable Call timer This document describes the M, M, and M features and how to use them. The Mznual also has four Soft Keys self-labeled with up to three features programmed on each key. Your system administrator assigns features to your telephone and provides you with passwords and other codes as required. This section describes the features available for your telephone and how to use them. Press the DN Key.

Line Press the Key. Your Telephone Call Features Make a call while on-hook Leave the handset in the cradle while you dial a number. Press a Line DN Key.

Lift the to speak when the handset called party answers, or if you are on The Ring Again feature lets you know when the person you dialed is available or has used their telephone. The feature notifies you when to redial your party. The network administrator can apply other features to the Hot Line, such as Call Redirection, so that the Hot Line call is answered by a person—not a mail box.

Dial the Speed Call code assigned to the telephone number. Receive a call Receive a call When you receive an incoming call, your telephone rings and the LCD indicator flashes. To answer a call: Press the Key located on Handsfree the left side of the handset. Press the flashing DN Key when Line The LCD indicator goes from steady on to off. If the person you attempt to transfer the call to is unavailable: Press the Goodbye Key.

The Call Waiting status icon appears in the display. To return to your first telephone call: Press the Key, if you want to put Hold Hold the second call on hold.

Nortel M3902 Quick Reference Manual

Handle multiple calls Dial the number to which you want to forward your calls. Press the Forward Key again. Forward To change a previous Call Forward number: Forward Forward Dial the new forward number. This feature must be enabled by your network administrator. To answer a call in your own Call Pickup Group: Additional manuall features Set up a Conference call You can set up a conference call for three or six people including yourself.


Contact your telephone network administrator to determine the maximum number of people your system allows on a conference call, and how to enable this feature.

To set up a conference call: Additional call features Activate Group Listening The Group Listening feature allows others to listen to a call through the speaker while you are speaking through the handset. Group Listening must be enabled by your network administrator.

Screen prompts take you mxnual through procedures and keep you informed on the status of the following settings: Options List Select a language The display is available in multiple languages.

After you select Language. Use the Keys to highlight Navigation the desired language e.

Meridian M, M, M, M – User’s Guide – user manual Overview – CNET

Press the Select Key. Select Press the Done Press the Dial Pad Key that is printed with the first letter in your new label. Press the key until the correct character appears. Use the Case Key to change the case Case of the letter, as needed. Options List Adjust Screen contrast The Screen contrast option allows you to adjust the contrast of the display on your telephone. After you select Screen contrast from the Options List menu; From the screen, press Contrast Lower Lower decrease the display contrast level.

Options List Choose Ring type The Ring type option allows you to choose from among the various ringing sounds available for your telephone model. After you select Ring type. Use the Keys to scroll Navigation through the list of ring types. Options List Use Live dial pad The Live dial pad option available on the M allows you to press any dial pad key to automatically access a dial tone. This makes it easier to identify local calls and internal calls.

Key to turn off Headset port on call. Press the Key to save changes. Press the Key or Key to exit. Done Quit Options Note: Additional equipment is required to implement this option.

For more information please contact your Nortel Networks distributor. Use Call indicator light You can control the incoming call indicator light available on the M After you select Call indicator light from the menu; After you select On hook default path from the Options List menu; The network administrator must enable this feature.

After you select Group listening from the Options List menu; Directory display and controls Directory display and controls The M has a three line display. Password protection is only available on the M To enable password protection: From the menu, use the Directories Keys to highlight Directory display and controls 9. Press the Enter Key. Enter Press the Done Key to save changes.


To disable Personal Directory password: You can activate Call Log to record all calls, record only the unanswered calls, or record no incoming calls.

Manage Call Log 4. Press the Key to go to the top of the new calls list. Press the Key to go to the top of the old calls list. To make a call from the Callers List: Use the Navigation Keys to scroll through the Callers List and highlight On the M, you can copy these numbers to your Personal Directory.

Kanual access your Redial List: The Personal Directory allows you to add, delete, search, and edit entries and can be password protected. The Personal Directory holds up to entries an manjal is one name and one telephone number.

Use the Personal Directory 2. The cursor automatically advances to the next position, if a different-from-last key is pressed, or after a short pause. Use the Personal Directory Add an incoming call 1. The displays Copy Copy shows the message Copy to?. Press the Directory Key. Press the Key to manhal the Manuql Next incoming call without editing the name.

Use the Keys to highlight Navigation the entry you want to edit or delete. Press the Key if you want to delete all the entries in your Personal Directory. To look at the Card View: Press the right Key. Navigation To dial from Card View: Use the Personal Directory 3. Use the dial pad to enter the first letter of the name your are seeking. Secure your telephone Secure your telephone You can lock your telephone with a password to prevent manuql use of your telephone. The Meridian SL does not support this feature.

To lock your telephone: Meridian SL-1 software shall not be sold outright and the use thereof by the customer shall manuzl subject to the parties entering into software agreements as specified by Nortel Networks. Also See for M Quick reference manual – 66 pages Install manual – 3 pages Quick reference card – 2 pages.

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