This manual is published for the information and government of the Regular Army and Organized Militia of the United States. By order of the Secretary of War. Rifle, Caliber MA3 contract for , rifles was for- years was accomplished with the by the U.S. Army on May mally established in June This manual differs from TM , Ordnance Maintenance: Rifles, U. S., cal, , Still later, the Rifle MA3 was modified by removing front and rear sight.

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As the four rifles covered in this manual are basically the same, disassembly and assembly are explained for the basic Rifles M and MA1. In some bolts these notches are absent, as explained in paragraph 43 i A safety lug fig. Some of the M A3 Rifles issued had front and rear stock screw pins running laterally through the center portion of the stock to reinforce the trigger guard and magazine aper- ture in place of the front and rear stock screws and nuts manuall to the Rifle M How to perform trigger jobs and replacement performance triggers Iron sights, optics, after market items and zeroing!

The bolt group mechanism, commonly referred to as the bolt, consists of the bolt assembly, bolt sleeve assembly, extractor, safety lock assembly, firing pin assembly, firing pin sleeve, striker, and mainspring.

Full text of “Ordnance maintenance : U.S. rifles, cal. , M, MA1, MA3 and MA4”

The bolt is unlocked from the bolt sleeve m11903a3 the bolt sleeve lock striking the bridge mxnual the receiver. It also may be removed from the Rifle M A3 without removing the trigger guard magazine assembly or bolt assembly as described below. Then assemble rear sight as follows: Rock Island experienced some delays, but the rifles were soon flowing from Springfield’s assembly line.

To level the mount base, proceed as follows: The bayonets and bayonet scabbards used with the rifles should be cared for in a similar manner, and frequently inspected for rust Be sure the adjustment plate is not moved backward or forward, else the parallax adjustment will be disturbed. Place the ejector in position and drive in the ejector pin, e. There is no floor plate catch in this assembly. It was soon apparent that their combined production would be insufficient to arm the rapidly expanding armed forces.


Insert floor plate, magazine spring, and fol- lower group either type follower, fig. The butt plate trap is fastened in the butt plate assembly and not easily removable as in the case of the butt plate cap M fig.

Front Sight Cover fig. The rifle may be cocked either by raising the bolt handle until it strikes the left side of the receiver and then immediately turning it down, or by pulling the cocking piece fig. This sight gives a magnification of 2. This usually indicates misalinement of mount rings which should be corrected par.

To facilitate sliding of mount rings on the sight tube or turning tube in rings, expand rings slightly by inserting blade of small screwdriver or other similar instrument in slit in ring. Just prior to America’s entrance into the war, manufacture of the ’03 was greatly increased at Springfield and resumed at Rock Island.

Check radial grooves in sides of lug on rear mount ring for burs, and dovetailed lug on front ring for wear and burs. The windage screw assembly is made a permanent assembly at manufacture by having the end of the pin spun over after the knob has been put on d.

The bolt sleeve unites the parts of the bolt group mechanism, and its rotation with the bolt is prevented by the lugs on its sides coming in contact with the receiver fig. Withoutabox Submit to Film Festivals.

03 M MA3 03A3 MA4 TM Army Technical Manual | eBay

A flat file with a safe edge should be used for flat surfaces and a rat-tailed file for inside curved surfaces. The working sur- faces and parts which show signs of wear may be lightly lubricated by wiping with a cloth which has been saturated with OIL, lubricating, preservative, special, and then wrung out. The bolt stop pin notches in the bolt, are located in the left side of the upper lug on the forward end of the bolt fig. If it is not possible to adjust the position of the cross hairs sufficiently, as outlined in subparagraph a, above, further slight adjust- ment may be made in the case of the Telescopic Sight M73B1 Weaver No.


Test both catches by pressing in scabbard catch and releasing. Cracked grips should be replaced. The compound must not be heated over an open flame.

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If the fixed stud front sight. If cut-off screw will not retain the spindle, it should be replaced.

Care should be taken that linseed oil does not get into the mechanism or on metal parts, as it will become gummy when dry. Detailed characteristics of the various models are explained in paragraph 3.

Krag, on the other hand, had a bolt with a single locking lug that limited the power of the cartridge, and the Krag was not mm1903a3 adaptable to clip-loading.

If the 3-pound weight pulls the trigger, or if the 6-pound weight fails to pull the trigger, the rifle should be repaired in the manner described in paragraph 47 f 2. Over all length of rifles with Bayonet M They, and the hook for attaching them to the trigger, may be improvised locally or obtained from the small arms repair truck. Diameter of bore 0. Press scabbard catch against spring and insert small end of bayonet catch, from left, through hole in scabbard catch.

Twist in rifling, uniform right-hand, one turn in Do not remove the adjustment plate from the sight tube as the cross hairs in the reticle are very delicate and easily broken, and foreign matter may enter the sight tube. The mouth and hooks should then be wiped with slightly oiled CLOTH, wiping, care being taken not to get oil on the fabric cover Scabbard M 19 Each division or mark on the windage scale represents 4 minutes of angle or a change in the point of impact of 4 inches at a range of yards.

Peening should be done lightly and bayonet fitted to stud frequently during process. This is to avoid possible damage to the sight which is very delicate in construction. Strip down rifle to receiver, barrel, and bolt. This screw should not be removed nor shifted except for repair or realinement of the sight when necessary.