Thank you for downloading the “LS9 StageMix” iPad app for the Yamaha LS9 digital mixing console functions via a simple, intuitive graphical interface from. In many cases the console position is not the optimum place to be when mixing for live sound. In fact, space and other restrictions sometimes mean that the. iPad app to control and monitor your M7CL mixing console. LS9 StageMix LS9 StageMix. iPad application for controlling and monitoring LS9 mixing console.

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LS9 StageMix – Overview – Software – Professional Audio – Products – Yamaha – United States

Wireless control can free up scarce real estate at FOH, make it easier to EQ and mix monitors, and offers a host of other lz9. To make this process easier, here are step-by-step instructions for connecting your LS9 console to your Apple iPad. The first phase is connecting the LS9 to a wireless router and establishing a wireless connection with the iPad.

The second phase is setting up the network settings on the LS9. The final phase is setting up the StageMix app to connect with your LS9 console. In order to properly set up a wireless network, you will have to refer to the specific instructions for your router. Depending on how you have chosen to set up your wireless network, you may have to lx9 the password that you designated.


Once you have joined the network, tap the little blue arrow that is next ls its name. This will bring up a detailed menu and information for that specific network. Be sure the Subnet mask remains This will allow you to change the IP and Gateway Addresses.

In order for the IP address of your LS9 to function correctly on this network, the first three sets of numbers must be identical to the IP address that you found on your iPad. If they are different, you will need to change them. If you do not do this, the LS9 will not allow you to save your changed IP address.

Connecting the Yamaha LS9 to the Stagemix App — TC Furlong

Of the 4 sets of numbers, the first 3 sets must match those on the iPad. Once you have all of this information set, take down the IP address that shagemix chose for the LS9—you will need it later.


Your iPad is now wirelessly connected to your LS9 Mixer! Was this article helpful?

Click here to sign up for the TC Furlong Newsletter. In order to create one, you will need a wireless router connected to the LS9. Figure 1 below displays the port used to connect an LS9 console to a wireless router. Figure 1 In order to properly set up a wireless network, you will have to refer to the specific instructions for your router.

Once the network is set up, you will need to connect you iPad to that wireless network.

Connecting your Yamaha LS9 to the Stagemix iPad Application

Figure 4 Phase 2: Figure 7 Phase 3: Figure 8 The app will then ask you to enter some information about your LS9. Figure 9 Figure 10 shows the completed Add Mixer screen, based on the stagemkx we recorded earlier. Subscribe today for educational posts, industry news, and more!