“Lord Ullin’s Daughter” is a ballad which tells the tragic story of the daughter of Lord Ullin and her lover who die a very sorrowful death when. Poem in Brief: “Lord Ullin’s Daughter” is a ballad which tells the tragic story of the daughter of Lord Ullin and her lover who die a very sorrowful. The poem consists of 13 stanzas. Each of these stanzas is again made up of 4 lines. Hence, the entire poem consists of 52 lines in total.

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Friday, 9 August Sign in Recover your password. The boatman rowed his both along with the chieftain and her beloved through The roaring stormy water. Leave A Reply Cancel Reply. He cries in grief persuading his daughter to come back. Sign in Recover your password.

In this stanza, the poet says that while the land had been an unsafe place for the Chief of Ulva and his lady love, the sea was none too safe for them either. The poem reaches the climax when the boat carrying the chieftain and his beloved, i. Sean Parker 6 March at Learn more with Brainly! Mitali Sharma says 3 years ago. Explain the following phrases: The weather is stormy and it is very dangerous to cross the Lochgyle in such a state. The chieftain, chief of Ulva’s island, promises to reward the boatman with a silver pound on helping him and his beloved, Lord Ullin’s daughter, to elope to a distant land.

She prefers to embrace death for the sake of love than confront a wrathful father who will oppose her choice to marry the chieftain. Secondary School English 5 points. Lord Ullin was against their marriage. Continue with Google Continue with Facebook.

The poem begins with the daughter and her lover, the Scottish chieftain arriving at the banks of Lochgyle with the intention of eloping to summarh safer place. The boat has left the shore when Lord Ullin and his men reach.


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Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Log in to add a comment. As the storm became dauthter terrifying, it was proving more difficult for the boatman to control his vessel. Even though the water is flowing so fast that white froth is rising to its surface, the boatman would row them across the lake.

Summary – Chapter 9 – Lord Ullin’s Daughter, Class 9, English Class 9 Notes | EduRev

He can witness his daughter waving her hand for rescue but in vain. The sea was roaring and the waves wear producing furious sound.

R says 3 years ago. In this stanza, the daughtrr assures the Chief of Ulva that his lovely bride will not spend another moment in the dangerous situation sumary are in. His heart melts and he cries out to her to return and that he would accept her lover. I want a free account! The boatman ask them who they are and why they wanted to cross the sea in the dark and Stormy weather. The water of Lochgyle has become turbulent and very noisy due to the storm.

Summary of lord ullin’s daughter in short

Give a few examples of alliteration from the poem. When Lord Ullin saw that her lovely daughter was in danger, he became very sad. The chieftain in order to persuade the boatman to help them elope narrates that he and his beloved have been fleeing for three days. Ask for details Follow Report by NusratBano As the boat enters the tempestuous waters, the storm grows more fierce, the waves rise very high.

If you want to contact us regarding any particular content on the website, please use the contact page. He is not greedy and is not helping them for money but he know that they are true lovers and he is only helping the lovers. He also rejects the chieftain’s offer of a pound of silver. You might also like More from author. It is very helpful: Lord Ullin was simply disgusted with the alliance, so the lovers run away to escape the wrath summafy Lord Ullin.


The spirit of the lake seems to be lamenting at the imminent death of the two lovers. At this juncture, in tune with the ethos of Scottish culture, Lord Ullin’s daughter expresses her unwillingness to confront her angry father who kord turned down her uullin to marry the chieftain. In the beginning, the poem portrays that a chieftain is appealing to a boatman to ferry him and his beloved despite stormy weather. Speak Gently Summary by David Bates. Answers come with explanations, so that you can learn.

This site uses cookies: Dauhter was lordd very cool. It has gotten views and also has 4. Do check out the sample questions of Summary – Chapter 9 – Lord Ullin’s Daughter, Class 9, English for Class 9, the answers and examples explain the meaning of chapter in the best manner. Written in a very well manner. The boatman hesitates because agreeing can cost him all of the three lives. Considered to be one of the most popular romantic poems of Campbell,the poem dauguter the story of the attempted elopement resulting in the death of summar couple.