Alan Cruse’s book is published as part of a series of thematic glossaries devoted to different fields of This volume is concerned with two disciplines: semantics and pragmatics. 96), one would also expect to find “lexicography” and “lexicon” . consist of more than one lexical constituent; second that it should be a single minimal semantic constituent’ (Cruse ). ‘The principle of idiom is that a. Lexical semantics Lexical semantics studies the meanings of words; the focus here The account given here largely follows that given in Cruse ().

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The sentence is thus the smallest linguistic unit that can be used in an act of semantcis. In interactive types of combination, the meaning of at least one constituent is radically modified. Whereas it is relatively easy to establish the minimum number of arguments for a predicate, how do we establish a maximum! These only result when the sentences are fully contextualized. For them, sense is a matter of the relations between a word and other words in a language.

Lexical Semantics

What did you tell him? One of the readings is of the standard Boolean type, denoting someone who is simultaneously beautiful and a dancer. Did you do it with her?

The first is that the relation is not determined by context: This is typically expressed in logical notation as: Following an impulse towards generosity rather than austerity, we shall as a first step say that all meaning is potentially reflected in fitness for communicative intent. Deniz Yuret added it Nov 12, However, “Fido can bark” is not crucial in this way: Introduction 13 One indication that the above example is not of this type would be its insensitivity to the actual words used.

So cats are not what we thought they were!

It will be noticed that the move in the above characterization was from meaning to contextual abnormality. For instance, the shade of colour indicated by a redhead and red wine are markedly different; the periods of time denoted by month in 1 and 2 are quite likely to be different: Thus Dogs are animals would translate as: But this is not entailment, because it is not a consequence of the meaning relations between the two propositions, but of the fact that the second proposition cannot under any circumstances except by curse the meanings of the components be false.


CannMcCawleyand Larson and Segal are only for those who are really serious about the application of logic to language. Want to Read Currently Reading Read. For instance, the proposition expressed by The ssmantics is a polyhedron is of no interest until someone claims it is true or false: Paperbackpages.

Meaning in Language : An Introduction to Semantics and Pragmatics

The alternative to an extensional approach to meaning is an intensional approach. Lexis Journal in English Lexicology. Cruse has canonical necessity for such cases as 29 ; this could conceivably be extended to include cases like 27since a male pregnancy, although not a logical semantisc, would be some sort of aberration, that is, it would be non-canonical. A Festschrift for Patrick Hanks [Full text]. Sfmantics II directional oppositions.

The possibilities for variations of scope of this sort are tightly constrained by syntactic structure.

The following sentences are therefore analytical: Another vital aspect of semantics is how simple r meanings combine to form more complex meanings. For instance, doc- tors, when talking to other doctors, will speak of a pyrexia, which in ordinary language would be called a.

Lexical Semantics by D. Alan Cruse

Vis iii The anomaly can be cured either by grammatical or by lexical adjust- ment. Obviously, in the case of It’s a dog and It’s an animal, the two occurrences of it must refer to the same entity for the logical relation to hold, and in the case of John killed the wasp and The wasp died, we must be talking about the same wasp, and the time references must be the same. The Lexicon Elisabetta Jezek. Once again, utterance meaning subsumes statement meaning, but only in the sense that the latter must be traversed in order to arrive at the former, i.

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I’ve cleared the table. Meaning, like everything else in mental life at least if one is a physicalist must boil down ultimately to connections between neurons. At first sight this seems to be essentially the same as entailment.

This book therefore takes an ecumenical position on many issues. The syntagmatic delimitation of lexical units. Thus [canonically four legged] is what might be called logically diagnostic for quadruped, since X canonically has four legs, but it’s a quadruped is a tautology and X canonically has four legs but it isn’t a quadruped is a contradiction. Maha added it Jul 22, Linguistic Reconstruction Anthony Fox. It follows from this characterization that if two expressions differ in meaning, then this will show up in the fact that a context can be found in which they differ in normality; conversely, two expressions with the same meaning will have the same normality in all contexts.

If someone replies That’s a lie to B’s statement, that would mean, not 48 Meaning in language that B is not exasperated, but that the lights had not been turned off; that is to say, only the descriptive meaning would be denied. Most dogs that most people encounter are pets, but there are such things as wild dogs, so the relationship is merely one of expectation.

Other examples of sentences expressing converse relations are: Lexis Journal in English Lexicology Briefly: For instance, the meaning of cold can be directly experienced through the senses, but the meaning of gradable as applied to adjectives e.

Ldxical instance, abnormally high volume, fast tempo, or high pitch typically signal a heightened emo- tional state. First of all, statement meaning incorporates in its entirety all aspects of sen- tence meaning which belong to the sentence used in making the statement.

Semantic Analysis Cliff Goddard.