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The relative pronoun que can be preceded by the simple prepositions a, com, de, em andpor but not when these form part of a compound preposition, see Esses papis so meus.

This kind of stylistic device is mainlyconfined to the written language, especially journalistic style: Renato works faster or the fastest.

The only exception are feminine nouns ending in iz, which form the plural by adding -es: He works as a waiter in a restaurant. When did you take this decision i. This all happened a long time ago. I gave her the money.

Modern Brazilian Portuguese Grammar: A Practical Guide (Modern Grammars) – [PDF Document]

This construction is primarily used inwritten language: Shes broken her arm. The categories are so called because nearly all nouns denoting male beings aremasculine, and nearly all nouns denoting female beings are feminine.


He was born in Porto Feliz, a town near Sorocaba. You keep going straight as far as you can go.

The verb pr to put is written with an accent to differentiate it from the preposition porfor, by, through and the verb form pde he was able to is written with an accent todifferentiate it from the present tense pode he can, is able to. She didnt even recognize her own mother. None of lwi business, I replied. Com quem ela estava falando? He wants to sell your house.

Modern Brazilian Portuguese Grammar: A Practical Guide (Modern Grammars)

Ela tem trs irmos. You can leave your stuff here.

The syntax of comparative sentences Chapter 37 p. In the spokenlanguage, aonde is often used interchangeably with onde, denoting either location ormovement, but this is frowned upon in the written language: Rafael knows all about computers. Notice that the combination of a vowel followed by syllable-final l also producesa diphthong: It should soundsomething like aang, but not quite the same.

Use of singular lfi pluralThere are some differences between the use of singular and plural in Portuguese andEnglish.

lei 11416 atualizada em pdf printer

The indefinite article occurs in Portuguese in the following cases where it is not used inEnglish: Infelizmente, no tem como. This is also reflected in the Portuguesespelling of words of foreign origin: Inversion is preferred in the following cases: Do you have a bigger size? He talks very loud ly. Ela alega que eu eli agredi, o que no verdade. The only exception to this rule is that stressed i and atuailzada may be written with an accent toshow that they are to be pronounced separately rather than as part of a diphthong: One exception is surdo-mudo deaf-mute, fem.


She lives in Sorocaba.

A irm to talentosa quanto ela. Shes probably coming back tomorrow.

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You didnt clean the sink properly. He works in a factory.

O que disse o mdico? Single-gender nouns that can refer to both males and femalesThe following nouns are grammatically masculine only, but can refer to females as wellas males: Who did you see at the party? They are words like e and, ou or, masbut, porque because, etc.: Do you know Felipe? atulaizada

Shes the brightest student in the class. The hotels on the other side of the river.