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Yet, there is also no denying that there are certainly abusive families, parents and relationships that will always be, unfortunately, a part of our society that will take a continous effort to help treat and prevent cycles of behaviors that negatively impact human life. I would recommend the book to anyone who is “wondering if”.

Le Harcelement Moral : La Violence Perverse Au Quotidien

For practitioners in the field the author provides more information about what the victim may be experiencing and less information on the “now what? Morak acquiesce to the crime of emotional abuse under the guise of tolerance.

This animosity sometimes culminates in a virtual murder of the soul.

Un libro sulle molestie morali nella famiglia e nel lavoro. L’autrice riporta un brano in cui Otto Kernberg descrive il narcisista: Dec 30, MaryKay Keller rated it it was amazing. Forme di violenza che scavano voragini nascoste mmoral solo quando e Manipolare con cura Non ld alcun dubbio che quanto racconta ed espone Hirigoyen sia vero, e harcflement determinate forme di violenza estremamente sottili, quasi invisibili, ma assolutamente devastanti siano diffuse in gran parte del corpo sociale, anche e soprattutto in quelle relazioni che, a uno sguardo superficiale, possono apparire normali e del tutto abitudinarie, come la vita di coppia, la vita in famiglia e la vita lavorativa.


Repressed on so many levels during live, the victim becomes incapacitated to make their own decisions and think for themselves. This happened to me in my job and spread out into the community I live in. He is French and writing for an American audience, I think, blinded him. A little known book that should be on a Best Seller List.

Le Harcelement Moral : Marie-France Hirigoyen :

It addresses systematic abuse as well–when a harcelemdnt individuals become the scapegoats for a toxic system within a workplace or community. Perhaps the best advice is the simple advice, “get out! Affronta questo tema guardandol Reecensione pubblicata su: Da qui il senso di colpa della vittima, che si colpevolizza per non essere abbastanza seducente, abbastanza generosa, abbastanza intelligente, abbastanza tutto.

Jan 02, Sammi rated it it was amazing. Want to Read saving…. Nella prima parte del libro affronta il tema dell’ abuso emotivo in tutti e tre questi ambiti, anche se nel corso del libro appare chiaro che l’autrice dedica maggiore spazio e interesse all’abuso emotivo nell’ambito della coppia, secondariamente al mobbinge solo in via incidentale all’abuso emotivo nella famiglia famiglia intesa in questo caso non come coppia, ma come famiglia d’origine, quindi abuso emotivo madre-figlio, padre-figlio, ecc.

This book is brilliant. A true support system in the form of a book. It could have been more engaging. Affronta questo tema guardandolo da un triplice punto di vista: My psychology degree and my personal experience with an emotional-abuser-turned-stalker selected this book.


Un libro molto “tecnico” da digerire a poco a poco. Dig deep and ponder its words and meanings. Stalking the Soul is an interesting, fairly quick read. It really hurt and was very scary, but helped me feel better to see that if someone has an agenda of pain and cruelty all the teamwork and work ethic might not beat them.

This book addresses the situations of abuse where manipulation hirkgoyen easy to identify.

I felt emotionally abused by him! Emotional abuse always accompanies other types of abuse. Scott Peck, and liked it, this book is very much like that. Oggi per la terapia dell’abuso si parlerebbe tra l’altro di EMDRmetodo di comprovata efficacia nei casi di abuso e trauma.

To the point, where a person’s soul can be damaged so deeply that it could take them a lifetime to overcome what has happened to them. Books by Marie-France Hirigoyen. Ahora bien, basta con que un grupo, una empresa o un gobierno cuenten con uno o con varios individuos perversos para que todo el sistema se vuelva perverso.