The Lancea Sanctum are a Kindred religious covenant who believe themselves descended from Longinus the centurion who speared Jesus’. Unfortunately, Lancea Sanctum speaks far too much in vague generalities and adds little new and interesting material to this Covenant. And I get the same impression with the Lancea Sanctum. The book does give an awful lot of information about what the Lancea Sanctum is, and how it’s.

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Matt Howe rated it liked it Jan 12, They do not revel in their “evilness” because they are the next step in human evolution, or just because they’re better than everyone else.

Lancea Sanctum and ‘evilness’ – Onyx Path Forums

Violence is never the first choice, but if the undead refuse to come to the Lancea Sanctum, and if the Sanctified believe they can do so with minimal danger to their own standing, they have no qualms about shedding blood. Last edited by Charlaquin ; Congratulations, you’re a monster now! Most Saints have been sanctun Torpor at least once; some Saints are canonized posthumously.

Which I sxnctum is kind of neat. Help Contact Us Go to top. It goes against Muslim beliefs because it says that there was an earlier set of revelation not overwritten by the Quran.

Matt D rated it it was amazing Jul 31, If you fail, your life is ruined, or you’re dead, or you become a good subject for the Embrace. They are usually based in one area, serving a Bishop, Archbishop, or Cardinal, and travel to nearby cities to bring back information and forge ties between members of the covenant.


Yes, you are Damned, but that damnation has a meaning. Of course, violent members, having taken philosophical lessons of superiority over the kine to heart, consider killing witnesses to vampiric acts an acceptable means of maintaining secrecy.

And that involves a bit of underhanded action. Mirabelle rated it it was ok Aug 05, Want to Read saving…. Katie rated it really liked it Jul 14, But probably not in front of the parish. Typically, this council does not grow larger than three members. Search in titles only. Bryon Burgan rated it it was amazing Dec 09, Please upgrade your browser or install Chrome or Firefox to enjoy the full functionality of this site.

Given sanctuary in DC, the covenant has been allowed on occasion to embrace those mortal followers found in DCs christian communities. The exact nature of their authority and duties varies from parish to parish. Sounds contradictory esp needing to keep high humanity. It doesn’t matter if you were a Catholic, a Muslim, a Jew or a pagan in life – as far as LetS is concerned, you are equally damned now, and the only gospel you should follow is that of Longinus.

Most cities with a Sanctified presence have a single Bishop, though even the most populous Sanctified cities rarely have more than three. Thereafter, Longinus was cursed to live eternally, but he could walk only at night and subsist only on the same blood that had proved his undoing. As the Carthians of Charm City remember the great effort they went to in expelling the original Lancea Sanctum regent, the covenant has not been allowed to grow all that quickly.


The position of Paladin differs from that of Crusader in that the Paladin protects only one individual, rather than the whole covenant. Cardinals have the highest possible Status within their sanvtum provided they can manage the multi-tasking and don’t go insane.

So I put forth the truth in these pages, for you who seek as I have sought. Patrick rated it really liked it Apr 28, lancda The Sanctified have a reputation for being vampires in the truest sense of the word.

The Lancea Sanctum

Elliott rated it liked it Jan 19, From time to time, the more extremist factions of Carthians have been known to celebrate the liberation of Baltimore by punishing whatever members of the Lancea Sanctum can be easily found.

They know, however, that to rein in the entirety of the young generations would vastly curtail their recruiting power — assuming they could do it at all — so they grit their teeth and make every effort to clean up after careless childer.

Naturally, the insular nature of the Requiem makes this difficult, so such connections are rarely lasting or significant.