What follows is the chronicle of significant events that mark the selected history of the. Koronus Expanse, as it is generally known and agreed upon by scholars. A bright beacon in the swirling darkness of the Immaterium for fans of Fantasy Flight Games’ line of Warhammer roleplaying games. An editable version of the Koronus Expanse Map (Rogue Trader) Koronus Expanse Editable PSD.

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For the Rogue Traders and their agents, Footfall has many uses beyond those of a simple port.

Other fragments of Warp navigational information are highly inaccurate and likely to prove lethal to both Navigator and voidship, should they be followed blindly. A Lord-Captain may bear the greatest Warrant of Trade ever seen in Port Wander, but until he harrows the Maw and survives to see the raging light of Furibundus at its farthest end, he is no better than a common Free Trader in the eyes of his peers.

Of course, they are not the only dangers one may face. Even if they do not come out exactly how they were intended, these devices are still terrifyingly effective — most of the time. Upon war-torn Zayth, each hive-vehicle circulates its own coinage — often small stamped ingots of precious metals hung upon loops of silver wire.

Long forgotten alien empires lurk trapped within the darkest reaches of the Koronus Expanse, waiting to for some unlucky Eexpanse Trader to stumble across them. Some hunt weak and underprotected vessels like predators drawn to feeble and sickly animals, using the exceptional manoeuvrability to take or destroy craft that stray into their hunting grounds.

The storm-ridden world of Grace is circled and shrouded by swirling clouds and hurricanes. The Imperial presence around Furibundus clusters in two locations: Sections of Footfall have no gravity, and many have fluctuating levels of generated gravity. There are those who seek the power offered by Halo Artefacts. Koronnus is, epxanse the core of it, the nature of the Koronus Expansea place of impossible things, some wondrous and others terrible, a graveyard of dead gods and the resting place of slumbering horrors amidst unimaginable treasures and limitless opportunities for glory.

Orks speak a harsh guttural language that mirrors their physical appearance and blunt outlook on existence. An Ork Freebooter ‘s Kill Kroozer.

Some are irregular spheres, some segmented ovoids a handbreadth wide, still others small scarab-like objects. Their tattered ethereal sails propel them from the depths of the void to strike at Imperial ships, colonies, and stations in the Foundling Worlds, Accursed Demesne, and Unbeholden Reaches. So little does the jungle and rain tolerate the presence of man that beast-hunting parties are usually dropped onto the surface of the planet and remain for as little time as possible before hailing their waiting drop craft with a homing beacon.



Clad in glittering armour that shines as if filled with moonlight, they make no sound in battle and are led by witches robed in pale tatters with tall helms of gleaming bone. Such areas are only labeled only as “Here be monsters” on ancient charts, where only the foolhardy of insane would venture to seek their destiny. So far the Thuleans have investigated only a small fraction of the world, and vast amounts remain hidden and undisturbed. The Renegades of the deeper Expanse are worse still — here the dark corsairs and slavers favour hacksilver, technology, ammunition, and slaves as currency — or trapped souls and bottled vitality, if the darkest stories are to be believed.

He began the process of tutoring and civilising the population, while purging it of any trace of deviancy or corruption. I see the faces of pale moons and the fire of lost stars. Even the relatively explored systems close to the Maw have all felt the iron fist of Ork piracy; in the past Footfall itself has come under attack from the koromus of Kironus Kaptins who had become powerful enough to command great swarms of gunships and kroozers. They ebb korons flow with a ferocity and maliciousness that can lure even the most seasoned navigator to kironus in a sudden rending surge.

The dark outer reaches of the Rifts of Hecaton were long ago sculpted by the violent deaths of dozens, perhaps even hundreds, of stars. Another mystery the Moronus and Koronuz Xenos would like answered is how they appear to be able to navigate the Empyrean with some skill, as no psykers have been reported among them.

Its original role as a base for military operations was slowly forgotten, and Port Wander became a way station for those daring passage into the Koronus Expanse.

Calixis Sector and Koronus Expanse Map with Travel Times : 40krpg

Most of the Koronus Expanse is known to the Imperium only though legend, revelation, and hearsay. Of these the most crucial to the Ork war machine are the Mekboyz who create the weapons, armour, and vehicles used by Orks to do what they do best: Want to add to the discussion?

The Kroot are a predatory, often mercenary, avian breed epxanse alien who fight with ferocity and feed on the dead. Yet, Chaos lurks in the hearts of men despite the specifics of their existence, and even the most isolated colonist is not deaf to its whispers.


Though strange to look on, Stryxis caravans offer an korouns bewildering variety of goods, many perilous and outright prohibited within Imperial space. The powers granted by a Halo Artefact come at great cost: Money-changers of the Administratum are both corrupt and busy in the Port, and the heady mix of currencies seeps outwards into the Imperial settlements of the Koronus Expanse.

Every planet, moon, or glittering sun is the grave of untold races and the slumbering tomb of secrets lost to the passage of expannse. Scintilla’s mostly a standard Hiveworld. Community Forum Discord Server.

The Koronus Expanse

The Foundling Worlds are littered with the dead carcasses of hopeful attempts to wring profit out of its stars: Proud and decadent civilisations build temples to the Dark Gods and bind their societies together with sorcery, terror, intrigue, and atrocity.

Drub had the authority to determine where the Space Marines would fightthe Astartes themselves would determine how. Such worlds are entirely ignorant of the greater galaxy, their ancestors having lost contact with Mankind long before the coming of the Emperor and the rise of the Imperium on Terra. As awe-inspiring as it is Marajur is a shadow of its former self: Therefore, when the previously assumed extinct aliens returned in force and retook the world, Drub was tasked with crushing them once and for all.

For simplicities sake, it works pretty well, I feel. I see the void that is my home and to which I return with hope and fear. A good pilot might be able to pull some fancy manover to that uses the Stars Gravity Well to get back to a planet if the ship is damaged or something Hunter retinues clad in bulky suits of vulcanised rubber stalk the jungles in search of exotic xeno predators for the fighting pits, ever watchful for creatures that will make the most lethal attractions on far-off Hive Worlds of the Imperium.

Da Wurldbraka quickly became a ship as legendary as its Kaptin, a nightmarish sight that caused panic amongst smugglers and Rogue Traders alike. And because w40k is such soft SciFi what ever you say the travel times are is cannon and works.