This article covers a technique, Khechari Mudra, that is one of the most unusual in yoga and therefore a bit too strange for some people. Practicing the Khechari Mudra also stimulates the release of “feel good” neurotransmitters such as dopamine. In Yoga, the Khechari Mudra. Khechari Mudra- A Scrutiny. Khechari Mudra is being considered as the most beneficial one among all other MUDRAS like Biparitakarani.

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Khecarī mudrā

When the tongue enters the posterior nares, and the gaze is fixed between the eyebrows, it is khecari. Sai Baba says this is not necessary for us.

Meditation for a Creative Breakthrough. This achieves Immortality of the Ego Mind Personality. The true follower of Veda ever denies the above artificial procedures of cutting and elongating the tongue by such humiliating process in order to achieve the all-pervading consciousness of the Supreme.

Therefore the branch of Hathayoga attempts to bring perfection to the physical khwchari of the human being by means of Asanas, Mudras, Pranayama to make it a fit vehicle to achieve the goal of mundane existence, i.

Log in to Reply. What is kechari mudra? Khechari mudra diaries Filed under: The tongue is also drawn out and made elongated by applying butter or ghee. It amazes me that a simple repositioning of your tongue can have such a profound effect on the body and mind.

What are the Benefits of the Khechari Mudra?

The jaw moves back. For advanced practitioners, cutting of the frenum membrane is advised.

Rather this unusual method to gain mastery over Khechari Mudra is strictly prohibited by the renowned Kriyayogi Shyamacharan Lahiri of the 20th Century. After some time there are various tastes that become noticeable on your tongue, as if a very delicate liquid is trickling into your throat.


By continuing to use nudra website, you agree to their use. The eminent yogic text of Yoga, Hatha Yoga Pradeepika adds that the performer of Khechari Mudra gains immunity over deadly snake bites and poison too.

If you are a teacher, yoga school manager, blogger, e-zine, or website publisher, khechafi are in need of quality content, please feel free to use my blog entries articles.

Kechari Mudra helps the practitioner to move in the blissful infinite consciousness of Brahman. His anatomy thus improved, a yogi can then imbibe subtle liquors believed to emanate directly from his brain. This article contains Indic text.

Khecarī mudrā – Wikipedia

Sai Baba gave me X-ray eyes-I could see into my body. We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website.

Koestler reports that the aspiring yogi is traditionally encouraged to lengthen his tongue—even going so far as to cut the frenulum the membrane that anchors the tongue to the floor of the mouth and stretch the soft palate. This is not something to be done lightly and was never recommended in Divine Light Mission as it was kehchari that with continual practice it could be achieved and the Divine Nectar could then be drunk.

To keep it simple, the body opens up and relaxes, becomes umdra in its movements and gains poise, hormones become balanced and the mind settles. Imagine a force which enters your life and says from now on in this particular circumstance you will not accumulate any Karma here.


This gives much stilness in your mind, great calmness and healing. Because this Nectar is Akin a Nuclear explosion only a small amount is released at any one time.

Kechari Mudra – The Tongue Lock

Its value cannot be estimated at all; what can anyone say about it? This site uses Akismet to reduce spam.

This progresses into a feeling of your head expanding like a balloon being pumped up, as if there is infinite space inside your head. Consider, for example, the ancient discipline of hatha yoga.

Learn how your comment data is processed. Create a new list. It was the Holy nectar of the Gods. Leave a Reply Cancel reply You must be logged in to post a comment. It is unlikely that Rawat ever learnt and certainly never practised any of the yoga on which the meditation techniques his father taught were based. All the hatha yoga texts sing the glory of this mudra, and unanimously declare that when the tongue points upwards the yogi drinks nectar, he is freed from old age and death, and he easily enters into samadhi.

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