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Daanasana School of Yoga

Julio loves to share Yoga thru all world and teaches it in most of the events where he is currently invited. Mostly practicing Vinyasa alone and Ashtanga Primary Series in different periods during the year.

You can eat in the facilities around or bring your own food. Information and Registration at www.

It uses the practice of Hatha Yoga as a gate into a powerful self-development process. During the next decade Julio integrated his personal practice with Vinyasa Yoga. Be certified with us and join Yoga Alliance community in July Daanasana School of Yoga. Papl is her big passion, spending periods in India where she got her Hatha Yoga certification by Yoga Alliance.

Technique, Training and Practice It includes also specific cleansing program, preparation for meditation and basic Pranayama techniques as well as great importance given to Practicum Evaluations and Exams. Julio Dieguez Papi Julio started with sports thru Karate.

She is humble but full determinate, shy at the first impact, sweet and strong… you will simply love her way of being and teach. Interested by the discipline and the power inherent to that practice, Julio travelled to Los Angeles, USA where attended his first Yoga Conference in He came into Yoga first time through a dear friend who was following Sivananda tradition.


Difguez aims to increase the awareness of the practitioner in the process of individual practice and in the integration of Yoga as life style. There he could directly ppi the teachings of Iyengar family.

Using our website you agree to their usage. Come to the morning session with empty stomach, or have breakfast at least 2 hours before. Course will be taught in English; Student book is in English. At the basis is a Teaching Training Course which provides concrete tools and guidelines to develop Yoga Asana programs to healthy adult population. Take a shower before practice. Pappi ON SRL, dkeguez authorized diegufz, process personal data of participants including those provided at the time of the prizesfor purposes of advertising and publicity, this processing being registered in the register of the processing of personal data in number All students must be in the room sitting in Sukhasana Easy Sitting Pose Crossing Legs in silence, waiting for jullio first morning Asana Practice beginning.

Nothing of what has been accomplished in the name of Yoga could have been possible the way it was, if not with the help, support and love of Anya, his beautiful wife.

To go to the toilet, or for any other reason. First weekend starts with a previous meeting to introduce and understand rules and guidelines of the full program. Baggy pants and lose t-shirts are not allowed. Attendance to all weekends is mandatory.

We will have pauses for light eating. The entire website content is property of MOVE ON, any use for personal or commercial purpose without our approval it is forbiden.

During these trips his practice turned into Iyengar Yoga having finally been granted uulio invitations to the Ramamami Memorial Institute in Pune. High degree in Pedagogy made in Armavir University of Krasnodar. Julio Dieguez Papi Director – Teacher.

Students must ask permission to quit the session ex. But the original mental approach into sport has always remained. Martial artist until he discovered Fitness during his first University in Madrid. From this experience is born Daanasana, an alignment-oriented style of Yoga, very intense, effective and physical.


Bring shorts or leggins for the Asana Practice.

Daanasana School of Yoga

You can watch Julio and Anya in this video: It includes also specific cleansing program, preparation for meditation and basic Pranayama techniques as well as great importance given to Practicum Evaluations and Exams. Julio and Anya practice consistently since more than one decade and travel very often to India where they follow different masters and renowned schools of Yoga. It is better to evacuate bowels before practice. It was in the year when Julio attended his first Yoga Convention as student in California.

Julio Dieguez Papi – Daanasanayoga

His friend had also a Yoga Asana book that appeared extremely impressive; with some asana pictures that were far beyond the capacities of many people. First stages of Daanasana School of Yoga.

For practitioners and for those who aspire to start the way of teaching with a correct preparation and concrete guidelines. With 2 high degrees, Sport Sciences and Physical Education INEF Madrid and Physiotherapy CEU Valencia Julio has taught to thousands of fitness practitioners, founded and directed fitness schools in many countries, certified thousands of instructors, written more than 20 books and manuals for professionals and has been invited to teach in more than 45 countries.

He practiced with many teachers and got very attracted by two types of practice; Iyengar Yoga and Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga.

After this he has been practising Yoga for a decade until he started to travel to India spending months there practising and learning. Bring comfortable shoes for the pauses diegyez towel. He keeps teaching and practicing.