The Sinews of Power: War, Money and the English State, Front Cover. John Brewer. Unwin Hyman, – History – pages. The Sinews of Power: War, Money and the English State Front Cover . John Brewer. Routledge, Sep 11, – History – pages. The Sinews of Power: War, Money, and the English. State, New York: (Cambridge, ) and immediately after it John Brewer’s book.

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The Sinews of Power: War, Money, and the English State, – John Brewer – Google Books

Fortunate, too, in that its dominant landed class was open to new ideas and new recruits, and understood how to concede its power gracefully and in time. This multi-faceted approach, which includes the English society and does not assume the path of its development was inevitable, is perhaps the greatest advantage Brewer has over scholars, especially those who focus on different aspects of the state as unrelated or isolated phenomena.

Other developments that receive Brewers attention include the formation of a distinct Financial interest The City that recieved a large helping hand from the “high taxes and huge debts” that became necessary for the British state during its repeated wars with France.

Davis Professor of History at Princeton. He goes about making his argument in five sections, the first of which deals with the English state prior to This is probably the book on my bookshelf most cited by other books on my bookshelf.

Nov 10, Lisa rated it really liked it. Breweer to main content. JoostBo rated it liked it May 19, Kaleb rated it really liked it Oct 12, Other polities succumbed to successful invasions from without or to major convulsions within: Why was there no second wave of civil wars, no further shift in dynasty enforced by foreign troops, and no revolution from below?


Paul Tubb ov it it was amazing Sep 16, The Parameters of War. If, in the Eighties, approaches to 18th-century Britain have shifted once again, this is — superficially — unsurprising. They are helpful in that they point out the means by which brewrr create massive empires — economic and social resources such as capital and manpower — but for the author both of these factors as well as military events contributed to the enhanced status of Britain.

Mention is given to the customs taxes on international trade and importsthe excise duties on domestically-produced commoditiesand the hearth tax as the chief levies the Crown depended on for its regular income in the late s, and short sections are dedicated to explaining their functions in addition to their hazards and the manner in which they replaced tax farming practices. But of course, some people resented the growth of the state.

In these circumstances, it is scarcely to be wondered at that many historians of Britain have become less interested in history from below. Craigf rated it it was amazing Sep 28, Trivia About The Sinews of Pow Log In Sign Up. An effective tax system, providing the state with a substantial and regular income, was a necessary condition of the new credit mechanisms which revolutionized public finance during the eighteenth century Brewer, Indeed, some of the most unabashed Tory historians seem far more anxious to cast doubt on the importance of traditional constitutional landmarks.

The Sinews of Power: War, Money and the English State – John Brewer – Google Books

But there has as yet been no revival of a British history emphasising native constitutional achievements. This is an unusual history book which narrates the strengthening of the English state through internal changes yhe state organs rather than through the external actions of the state.

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The full text of this book review is only available to subscribers of the London Review of Books.

Log In Register for Online Access. John Brewer’s brilliant analysis makes clear that the drastic increase in Britain’s military involvement and success in Europe and the expansion of her commercial and imperial interests would not have happened without a concurrent radical increase in taxation, along with a surge in deficit financing and sinew growth of a substantial public administration.

The Sinews of Power

But other than that. Instead, historians from all parts of the political spectrum have responded to the encroaching embrace of the EEC by arguing that Britain in the past was not invariably all that different from the rest of Europe. Linda Colley is Shelby M. Sep 29, Anthony Zupancic rated it liked it. Feb 18, Nic Barilar rated it liked it. Economic and military history are interwoven, but political history is not left by the wayside.

Tony Selhorst rated it liked it Dec 29, John Brewer’s brilliant analysis makes clear that the drastic increase in Britain’s military involvement and success in Europe lf the expansion of her commercial and imperial interests would no This powerful interpretation of English history provides a completely new framework for understanding how Britain emerged in the eighteenth century as a major international power.