Jazler. RadioStar 2. User Manual. Spots/Commercials. Page 2. Jazler Software . In the above image we can see that Jazler prompts us to set the “expire date”. Jazler is a fully integrated radio automation software which turns your PC into a .. You can select these jingles in manual mode or adjust Jazler to auto-select. Jazler. RadioStar 2. User Manual. Sweepers. Page 2. Jazler Software that usually is played on top of the song (simultaneously) and in this manual we will.

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This is an audio effect that usually is played on top of the song simultaneously and in this manual we will cover the interaction of RadioStar2 with the sweepers. Figure At the tasks section bottom left corner of Sweepers Database there are 2 options: Edit Categories, with which you can configure the categories of sweepers, And reset, which clears all categories that are assigned to the selected sweeper.

Pressing the Edit Categories, the default categories are shown, like in the next image. The result will be the below image where you are prompted to name the new category.

To do so, press Add at the top left at the Sweepers Database. Figure You will be prompted to choose the audio file and after pressing OK and you will be redirected to the following image. By changing the tab to Analysis you will see the below image. Figure Here there is a field Enabled that indicates whether this sweeper will be enabled or disabled.

Also, the user can edit the other fields for his productivity. The field that should be filled and is the most important is the properties. You can assign to the sweeper a category by using the button add. More particularly the following screen will appear that prompts the user to choose category.

Jxzler will be shown the next image, where the newly imported sweeper is shown. When you add more and you would like to sort them you can do this by dragging the fields like Artist, Title, etc.

By right clicking a sweeper the next image will pop up. Figure The options that are provided are: You can add the chosen property to the selected sweeper. You can remove the chosen property from the selected sweeper. Remove all properties from the selected sweeper.

Enable a disabled sweeper. Disable an enabled sweeper.

Jazler RadioStar 2. User Manual. Sweepers – PDF

Delete the selected sweeper. Figure Let s edit the pop rock clock and add a sweeper. In order to do so, double click the clock at the list in the left of screen and you will face this mankal. Also, there is a list with options at the exact above spot. The sweeper is played independently, meaning you could suppose say it is like a jingle.

Having clarified the above and selected the sweeper, we press add to add a sweeper at the end of the clock or insert to add the sweeper exactly above the selected song. The sweeper is tied to the above song of it and it will be played according to the mix times that are set for this particular song.


Because there are some differences we will make an example right now Playlist Programming Navigating from Control Panel to Scheduling and then Playlist Programming we create the playlist with name Hot Playlist. Figure At the left of the screen mamual can see that the playlist has one song and one sweeper attached to it. The place of sweeper is configured at the bottom right of the screen and by default is before intro.

At our example we set the sweeper at Bridge at end. As we mentioned earlier, the sweeper attaches to the exact above song. We can preview the result by pressing Edit Mix Points. In both you can edit the mix points start, intro, mix time based on your needs. Furthermore, because we chose the sweeper to be placed before end it is chosen.

Manuals | Jazler Software

In this window there is an extra Place of Sweeper, the Custom Placement. By selecting Custom Placement you can drag the seek time of the song and when you find the place you would like the sweeper to play press the S-VT Start button the one with the time. In this particular example the sweeper is placed at before end and as a result it will start being played at the exact time such it ends at the mix time set for the song Sweepers and Third Party Programs for Playlists Regarding the playlists third party programs create and then are imported to RadioStar2 you should check out the manuals about the Playlister.

Detailed instructions are provided in order for the user to create a playlist and set the sweepers at the desired places Jazler Software All rights reserved January Jazler Labs, Mytilene, Greece. Contents How to create a site using Google Sites Show subtests as column headings. Each one of these windows. It is a way of placing content from a spreadsheet, database, or table into a Microsoft Word document Mail merge is ideal for.

Roxio Toast Titanium Roxio Toast Titanium is an advanced desktop media processing application that allows you to burn video DVDs, burn music CDs, copy jazelr discs, burn data discs, convert files, and. Free Service – Broadcasting With Mixxx In this tutorial we are going to explain how to broadcast to our free service using Mixxx.

Download and Install Mixxx To get started first install Mixxx. In this lab, you will create a restore point and return your computer back to that point in time. P a g e 1 Jazlef. X10 Webinterface User Quick Guide ver0. Please make sure that the firmware version installed in your X10 should be R or higher version in future for Webinterface proper working.

Microsoft Access handout Access is a relational database program you can use to create and manage large jazlef of data. You can use Access to manage anything from a home inventory to a giant. Jonathan Barkand Creating a new presentation: When creating a presentation you can either choose a blank presentation or a design template.

Reference Sheet Company Setup k Tab Use this page to define company level k information, including employee status codes, k sources, jazlfr k funds.


Manuals for Jazler RadioStar

The definitions you create here become. Installing the software 1. Click on products on the jazzler menu and select. ACD Queues Depending on how your VirtualPBX is used, callers might contact your company to obtain sales information, product support, status on a service requests, or similar tasks without knowledge of.

You will jjazler tax form information in an existing Excel spreadsheet prior to beginning this tutorial. Start Microsoft access This document is for users who are authorized to send and receive manuap email. One is the Home Tab, which is what you see when you first login to Blackboard. Instructions for customizing the Home.

National breaks synchronizer plug-in 1. Summary The national breaks synchronizer plugin tries to sync stations rebroadcasting a main program from the capital, so local commercials can overlap national.

Jazler RadioStar 2. User Manual. Sweepers

MS Access Learning goal: Databases are collections of information, and database programs are designed to maintain data in structured tables. Use this method to add an event that does NOT require a room, directly to.

A version is a read-only snapshot of a document. Maintaining the history of manyal document as edits are made. Create a spreadsheet including starting from scratch or template When you start excel, it. While it is possible to place records into TRIM or amend records. This page is blank for printing purposes. Introduction to Microsoft Access A database is a collection of information that is related.

Access allows you to manage your information in one database file.

Within Access there are four major objects:. It should look like this: Open your web and create a new jqzler. In this lab, you will back up data. You will also perform a recovery of the data.

This is a set of commands that Excel follows to automatically make certain changes manial data in a spreadsheet. Wiring Funds The tasks you. By default, your course Blackboard website is restricted to enrolled students only. You can make your course website available to.

The benefit of using the New Archive Wizard is that it provides a way to access some of the more powerful. X10 Webinterface User Guide ver0. Please FW R or higher version before using the Webinterface. How to start Webinterface and set it up. Things to do and know before we start Page 3 How to save your web pages Page 4 Opening an existing web page.

Call Office of Research Compliance at or Email care research. Point Clouds Adding a Point Cloud: Windows XP Chinese Character Support Installation Instruction Windows XP has a utility to allow user to modify language sets for both multi-language input and viewing of foreign character sets. Instructional Technology Support Services Bravo!

Download the software from the website: Click Run to install when promoted, or alternatively. K12 Spam Management http: