Read this manual carefully and have your installer instruct you on your system’s operation and on which features have been implemented in your system. I have a DSC model alarm () and this installer code was . The Down and Dirty at unlocking a DSC Alarm with Installers. Parent Directory · PC Pager · PC Partition · PC v Demo User · PC v Installation · PC

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A family member could have come along and opened the door while I was up on a ladder in the door travel area thinking the opener was disabled by the lock function. The output I’m planning on having drive a small relay. I no longer use the lock function.

How to reset a DSC PC-5010 V2.0, installer code?

You could use one of the commonly available relays for security work. You will need to have the Installer Code to do this programming.

Not sure why they didn’t just use resistors though. SMF – Just Installed! Whether I have to actually get licensed after all this I really don’t care.

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Hopefully I’ve made this clear enough, I’m sure this has been done a hundred times. Where I live graj door openers are required by code to be permanently wired into the electrical service. Logged I have all the answers. There are only two wires going to the button cluster. Step 6 – Remove AC power from the control Step 7 – Reconnect all original wiring and power up the control.


What do you set your thermostat at? AC power must be used to power the panel. Logged donnyjaguar Gold Member Posts: Yep, the outlet for the opener is on its own breaker, which I now turn off if I am up there. It certainly isn’t clear from the installation manual.

Programming suggestions welcome here. The lock function is not only useless, it is downright dangerous. If nothing else, I now know how to make my own full-function keypad. I’ll power down the thing and pull the cluster apart. The programming for PGM2 is described in the installation manual, which you can download from this website – see the Online Manuals tab above.

Trying to hook up tire changer motor to switch. What is this old floor.

How to install and programme DSC to open and shut my garage door

October 07, It does not lock out the wireless keypad mounted on the exterior door frame. My current Genie models have a second button that turns the light on. Yes, I had to reset the whole panel as the previous owner left no information.

There are two wires that go to my Chamberlain Liftmaster garage door opener control.

Before I disassembled the button cluster, I’d just short the wires and see what happens. I have all the answers. Yes, that’s how it works. If you don’t have any wires to PGM2, you’re good. My opener has two buttons, one opens the door and the light comes on automatically and the other turns installatuon the light without opening the door. I suppose that means the lock switch disables the remote control, otherwise it could simply be in series with the indoor button.


October 09, The panel will not default if the battery is used. I was told Dsc50100 lucky that the Installer code of wasn’t locked out. Did you miss your activation email?

The house I bought had a DSC alarm system all wired in. Greetings, I’m new to this alarm stuff but very conversant on a technical level. Tub pump air tube came off. BB code is On. Here instalation two with sources: The main button will be zero ohms, and the other two will be higher values. If I want to lock the door out, I kill power to the whole unit. The logic in the motor control will cycle through down-stop-up with each press. When I found that out, quite by accident, I damn near had a heart attack.

The default dsv5010 is on page That said, the “alleged” installafion button not locking out the wireless keypad is a major design flaw. I’ve yet to see one wired in this manner in a residence. Newsletter Sign-Up Signup Email address.