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INTERNATIONAL. STANDARD. IEC. Edition Safety of laser products –. Part 4: Laser guards. Sécurité des appareils à laser –. Partie 4. IECEE Certification & Testing | IEC Standards | IEC /AMD | General Information. IECEE Certification & Testing | IEC Standards | IEC | General Information.

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6082-4, there are no European national deviations to the IECsafety of laser products standard. This standard provides guidance for the safe use of potentially hazardous laser and laser systems, in an outdoor environment. Publication of the references in the Official Journal of the European Union does not imply that the standards are available in all the official languages of the European Union.

Laser Safety Standards These standards are the definitive guides on laser safety in Europe and beyond and as such are essential reference material for Laser Safety Officers and laser product designers.

EN standards are the Uec standards adopted by the countries of the European community and each country may add various national deviations particular to their country. Common technical requirements The user’s guide is advisory.

Safety of laser products — Part 2: The section above on ‘laser notice 50′ explains 6082-54 relationship of this regulation to the IEC standard. Equipment classification, lec and user’s guide’. Medical equipment containing a laser or an LED used for diagnostic and therapeutic treatment must meet both the base standard and this standard.

Electromagnetic compatibility and Radio spectrum Matters ERM ; Land Mobile service RP 02 ; Radio equipment using an integral antenna transmitting signals to initiate a specific response in the receiver; Part 2: Specific conditions for terrestrial sound broadcasting service transmitters. A guide is given in Annex B with regard to selection and use. Generic standards — Emission standard for residential, commercial and light-industrial environments IEC Products containing a laser or an LED that are exclusively used for transmission of information to the human eye must meet both the base standard and this standard.


Introduction and common requirements More information about harmonised standards and other European standards on the Internet at. The new standard has a narrower scope than the superseded standard.

IEC – Safety of Laser Products Package

Avenue Marnix 17, B, Brussels, Tel. Requirements for products are applicable to products that are not introduced into commerce. Specific conditions for commercially available amateur radio equipment 7. Specific conditions for analogue cellular radio communications equipment, mobile and portable. Apparatus for in-home use. Publication of titles and references of harmonised standards under Union harmonisation legislation.

BS EN applies to laser adjustment filters and eye-protectors. Requirements for UWB location tracking. Specific conditions for Ground and Wall Probing Radar applications. YYYY, its previous amendments, if any, and the new, quoted amendment. Specific conditions for Citizens’ Band CB radio and ancillary equipment speech ic non-speech 7.

Specific requirements for ground-based VHF aeronautical mobile and fixed radio equipment All ied and LED depending on the LED application 660825-4 must be tested, classified and brought in compliance with the base standard.


Specific conditions for wireless microphones, similar Radio Frequency RF audio link equipment, cordless audio and in-ear monitoring devices 3. Generic standards — Emission standard for industrial environments.


Specific conditions for mobile and portable radio and ancillary equipment of digital cellular radio telecommunications systems GSM and DCS. Requirements for UWB location tracking BS EN applies to eye-protection against laser radiation where aversion responses, including the kec reflex are not stipulated, and laser radiation outside the visible spectral range.

EUR-Lex Access to European Union law

Equipment installed outdoors IEC This standard is a guide for the safe use of stand alone lasers and products that incorporate a laser or lasers and the facility they are used in. 6085-4 ANSI laser standards are primarily user safety standards. LED light emitting diode radiation is included] where hazardous radiation occurs in the visible spectral range of nm to nm.

The issue of Laser Notice 50 see below by the FDA increases the importance and use of this standard and effectively makes it the worldwide laser safety standard.

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IECSafety of products with optical sources, used exclusively for visible information transmission to human eye. This standard is a guide for the safe use of lasers for diagnostic and therapeutic uses in health care facilities. Type the question here, and your email address below to get a reply. Click here to download. It also provides guidance to control disabling 608825-4 from exposure to non-injurious levels of visible laser light, e.