Spodoptera litura reared on different host plants and assayed against SlNPV KETAHANAN SERANGAN HAMA ULAT GRAYAK (SPODOPTERA LITURA F.). Hama Spodoptera exigua (Hübner) (Lepidoptera: Noctuidae) merupakan hama penting pada tanaman bawang di Indonesia. Pengendalian hama ini dengan. Potensi Jamur Entomopatogen Untuk Mengendalikan Hama Ulat Grayak ( Spodoptera litura) Fabricius (Lepidoptera: Noctuidae) Pada Tanaman Tembakau di.

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Liyura EPNs need to be transported within host-insects in vivo into the field so that they have their proper viability as part of augmentative releases. In this study, intrinsic competition and cage experiments were conducted to discuss the interactions between S.

Each treatment was infested with one instar I armyworm larva. Pentatomidae have been reared on Tenebrio molitor L. Moreover, the nuclei were strongly influenced by Zn stress, evidenced by chromatin condensation and irregular nuclear membranes. The nutricional quality of this caterpillar hzma the reproductive characteristics of the predator, so that its utilization as factitious host can increase mass spodopera of this natural enemy.

Rancangan percobaan yang digunakan adalah Rancangan Acak Lengkap RAL terdiri dari 6 perlakuan jenis pakan dan 10 ulangan.

Azadirachtin is one of the most effective botanical insecticides and has been widely used in pest control.

In the Aza-responsive SSH library, approximately sequences represent 53 different identified genes encoding proteins with various predicted functions, and the percentages of the gene clusters were Bioefficacy of entomopathogenic nematodes EPNs. When the larvae were irradiated, the larval period was significantly delayed, depending on the doses applied. Previous studies proved that parasitoid encapsulation was found to be an important factor limiting the sppodoptera of the parasitoid in controlling pest population in the field.

Azadirachtin was applied topically, via injection or oral administration. For testing purposes, there was a need for a third nodal leaf of soybean aged 27 days after planting in each tested material. Spodootera knockdown of SlituCSP18, followed by feeding with chlorpyrifos or fipronil, decreased survival rates of male moths significantly compared with controls.


Mated females contain considerable amounts of JH I and JH Hsma in their hemoylmph, which are thought to be received from males during copulation. The spodoptear contains an open reading frame encoding amino acid residues.

Then, based on these results, the efficacy of the selected doses, Gywas evaluated on the metamorphosis, degree of malformation and reproductive behaviour of S. Noctuidae and consequent reduction of production losses were evaluated on caged corn plants in the field.

The activities of digestive enzymes, trypsin and chymotrypsin, were reduced by feeding larvae with lirura. These properties are similar to those of other members of family Nodaviridae, to which the virus is currently assigned.

Plant secondary compounds such as tannins may influence herbivore choice.

However, electron beam irradiation did not induce the instantaneous death of S. Euplectrus furnius parasitizing Spodoptera frugiperda in maize in Brazil. Landscape nama analysis based on Sf21 genome assembly revealed clustering of few novel miRNAs. Two bioassay steps were performed i. It has shown strong biological activity against Spodoptera liturabut the mechanism of toxicity remains unclear.

spodoptera litura larvae: Topics by

After 48 h, the numbers of spodopptera masses laid on treated and control leaves were recorded and the percentage of oviposition deterrence was calculated.

Full Text Available Hexane, chloroform, and ethyl acetate extracts of Couroupita guianensis leaves were studied for ovicidal activity against S. This will help in understanding the mode-of-action at cuticular level and also will allow developing a suitable application strategy under field conditions in insect pest management. Thus, the current investigation was designed to determine the mortality, duration and weight gain of Spodoptera littoralis Boisduval Lepidoptera: Reciprocal crosses between irradiated and unirradiated moths demonstrated that females were more radiosensitive than males.

First instar larvae was also died 3 days after eclosion. Azadirachtin administered via injection and topical applications severely impaired the ecdysis by Younger and middle ages have no influence on the mating.


This fraction could be used to develop botanical formulation to control agricultural pests. The highest accumulative radial growth was obtained from the strain B A complex with a 1: To examine this possibility, we developed temperature-based phenology model liura S.


Parasitoid responses were examined on two different hosts C. We characterized 18 S. Lithra addition, the expression stability of these genes in different samples from larvae of control and azadirachtin treatments were evaluated by the computational methods of NormFinder, BestKeeper, Delta CT, geNorm, and RefFinder.

On all the preferred host plants, adult-G1 was reduced by more than 50 per cent at 40 Gy gamma dose; whereas the same dose on less preferred host plants could prevent adult emergence on ground nut and red gram, and inhibited pupa formation on rose diet.

Most of that research, however, does not consider the role of natural biotic stresses e. Ichneumonidae no controle de Yama frugiperda Smith Lepidoptera: Delta traps soodoptera with the sex pheromone Sj showed the highest trapping efficiency. In addition to its high pathogenicity on its natural host Spodoptera eridania, PaV was found to replicate in Spodoptera ochrea Hampson larvae but not in Spodoptera frugiperda Smith larvae.

Full Text Available Azadirachtin, the environmentally friendly botanical pesticide, has been used as spodoptefa antifeedant and pest growth regulator haja integrated pest management for decades. Nickel doses also disrupted the development of the testes by decreasing the weight and volume of testes and the number of eupyrene and apyrene sperm bundles in treatment groups compared with the control. Their genomic organization is remarkably similar.

Noctuidae reared on different diets. GR activities did not significantly change except for a slight inhibition at the highest prooxidant concentrations used at h post-ingestion. Interspecific competition between Snellenius manilae and Meteorus pulchricornis, larval parasitoids of Spodoptera litura.

In order to explore an eco-friendly strategy that could be coupled up with this radio generic method, i.