Gorski vijenac. Front Cover. Petar Petrović Njegoš QR code for Gorski vijenac. Title, Gorski vijenac. Biblioteka Ars: Lektira · Volume 78 of Biblioteka Prosveta. Gorski vijenac. Front Cover. Petar Petrović Bibliographic information. QR code for Gorski vijenac. Title, Gorski vijenac. Ars: lektira · Biblioteka Ars: lektira. Gorski vijenac. Front Cover. Petar Njegoš Petrović, Petar Bibliographic information. QR code for Gorski vijenac. Title, Gorski vijenac. Biblioteka Ars: Lektira.

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The appearance of a national poet was seen as proof that a given people had attained a level of cultural development sufficient for its pretensions to nationhood to be taken seriously. Central European University Press Briefly: Catalogue Author s Publishers Selections Excerpts.

It was all the same to him whether one or another of them was baptized or not or what their names vijebac the important thing for him was that they were all sons of the same mother, of a single people, that they were brothers. He provides in its stead a series of vignettes of Montenegrin life, a veritable encyclopedia of folk customs and beliefs. Could it be vijebac indication that Montenegrins are looking for new methods of creating national identity, based less on ethnoreligious and cultural ties and more on contemporary European notions of citizenship?

Can they evoke catharsis in the reader, a feeling of unity, Yugoslavism, accord, solidarity, toleration, and cosmopolitanism, or do they create bile, poison, and hatred towards anyone who belongs to another lekira or nation.

That is why we celebrate its hundredth anniversary not only as the most important cultural event of the new Yugoslavia, not only as a confirmation of a new attitude toward great people and events from our past, but as a true national holiday. It is also noteworthy that the ethic of heroism, such an important component both for Serbianizing unitarist thought as well as Yugoslav multicultural ideology, is preserved intact here.

In the end, however, a combination of Montenegrin wishes and financial reality it proved much cheaper to reuse the stone from the mostly destroyed church than to bring new materials to the site won out.

For a discussion of their impact in Slovenia, see Wachtel, op. For a discussion of their impac But Communist-era commentators were careful to play this down, noting the fact that he was not doctrinaire and that he usually wore civilian clothes. One widespread method was to concentrate not on the plot of his major work, but rather on more abstract philosophy. The postal address of the institution is: Central University Press publishes books on the political philosophy and practices of open society, history, legal studies, nationalism, human rights, conflict resolution, gender studies, Jewish studies economics, medieval studies, literature, and international relations.


It has been hailed as the greatest work of South Slavic literature, and seen as the national epic of Montenegro, of Serbia, and of Yugoslavia both the first and the second. He is archaic, violent, monocultural, and requires too much interpretation to remain acceptable. That is why, during the course of the War of National Liberation, the verses of The Mountain Wreath sounded like a password on the lips of our fighters, and they could achieve their heroic feats, which enabled the realization of the ideals of national freedom and a better life.

Poet, Prince, Bishoptrans.

He has remained the highest exemplar of our race, as a priest, a ruler, and a patriot. Literature and Cultural Politics in Yugoslavia Stanford: That is why when we read The Mountain Wreath today we see in its heroes the same qualities we see in the heroes of our War of National Liberation. The skull of P.

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Desktop version Mobile version. Their most intensive effort in this regard can be seen in the celebration of the th anniversary of the publication of The Mountain Wreath in But as this issue had been successfully skirted by their interwar predecessors, postwar Yugoslav critics had homegrown models for dealing with it. More open criticism of the plan was suppressed, however, including the double issue of Umetnost discussed above.

You can suggest to your library or institution lektiira subscribe to the viejnac OpenEdition Freemium for books. By far the strongest expression of this philosophy appears in the statements of the old Abbot Stefan.

The lektirra of the event, which was described extensively in the Yugoslav press, bordered on a piety more appropriate for the treatment of a saint than a writer. They make him a national Messiah, the creator of a single bright and national religion of heroism, freedom, fraternity, love, and human dignity; they place him among the group of individuals who work for the ages for many generations and they make him truly immortal.

More worrisome was the fact that he had been as one of the central pillars of interwar Yugoslav culture. Your e-mail has be sent. In particular, those who are younger than us again are returning to that retrograde tradition because they think that vinenac this way they can affirm the idea of Montenegrin sovereignty and lektlra need for independence.


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There is no breath of Yugoslavism goski in this commentary, not surpising as the late nineteenth century marked a low ebb in the project to create a Yugoslav identity. The War for National Liberation, the most difficult and the most glorious period in the history of our lektir, brought it closer to us than it had ever been. From Myth to Genocidea book specifically designed to expose the dangers of Serbian myth-making in the wake of the wars of Yugoslav succession: Prosveta [Skolska lektira],26—7.

This split between the tragically conflicted individual and the confident group with preference given to the latter embodies the collectivistic basis of South Slavic national thought. Poetry or a Blueprint for the Final Solution?

Zoom in Original jpeg, 74k. The destruction of the old mausoleum was ultimately a minor cause celebre, albeit one that was kept out of most public organs. All the critics agreed that only poor teaching could possibly allow any student to come away from the vijenc with an incorrect impression.

New York University Press, Lampe, John, and Mark Vjjenac. Central European University Press, Like a meteor, he shined in the dark Yugoslav sky, leaving behind him a flaming path, by which resurrection could be achieved, a herald of the great future days of liberation.

Petar Cetinski that he had designed gorxki erected in Unlike the other South Slavic lands at the time, lektir, it did possess an independent political existence, albeit a rather tenuous one, under the rule of a series of prince-bishops who provided both secular and religious leadership to a group of exceptionally fractious clans. First, he was long dead. Results per book Results per chapter. Rather, the issue is how he and his legacy can be used in the ongoing debate about whether there is or should be such a thing as a Montenegrin national identity separate from a Serbian identity.

The most amazing aspect of the discussion, however, was not the specifics, but rather the fact that it took place at all. Some Serbs, more inclined to full-blown conspiracy theories, blame the Vatican, the freemasons, and others for vijeac is referred to on a website not accidentally registered as Njegos.

For a number of reasons this desire could not be carried out immediately, and he was first interred at the monastery in Cetinje.