In his “Get Smarter,” Jamais Cascio urges his readers to change themselves and as the title of the article suggests, “get smarter”. Cascio. After reading Jamais Cascios article “Get Smarter” I’ve come to realize that our world really is a non stop cycle of evolving technology, and. In the article Get Smarter by Jamais Cascio he starts by talking about how in the past we have become smarter by having to adapt to different.

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Yes, it takes a very smart human brain to be able to create a machine with that much power, power to step in and start doing very every day tasks for us, but that is not a fair representation of the rest of our society.

Furthermore, we were able to evolve with little other than our minds janais a few sticks and rocks.

Retrieved 11 October Changes in the way jamsis absorb and interact with information and data does not imply regression as Carr suggests, but it leads to a reciprocal change in our cognitive functions so that we are better able to keep up with the expanding networks of information that we now have access to. I feel as though empathy is a skill that more people should acquire, and that the path to empathy is more important than the actual act of empathizing.

I found these articles to be very convincing, due to the way they presented their opinions in ways that discussed both sides of the argument. Like Cascio, I agree with the idea that technology is allowing us to take great leaps forward and get smarter by using technology to help people integrate and adapt to the changing smartrr around them. Cascio continues his article by telling people how they should cascuo smarter.

Nick Weimer: Get Smarter>Is Google Making Us Stupid

In economics, having comparative advantage means being able to produce a good in a lower opportunity cost. I think it would be very helpful for people to know these terms and perhaps identify as having more of one type of intelligence than the other.

Our ability to think uniquely and be creative is the one way in which humans can smxrter each other and computers. You are commenting using your WordPress. Following his discussion of the advantage of casico, Cascio discusses the advatages and weaknesses of artificial intelligence.


In this context, this phrase captures a typical scene in the era of technological revolution: Our modern society is more connected then ever before, and as a result of globalization we have seen a decrease in the cultural rifts that once separated our globe into nations.

People jamias now stay awake for longer and do their jobs more thoroughly because of these advancements. Cascio has been a contributor to discussions about the ethics and practicality of geoengineering since Also, the concept that you could take a drug to be more empathetical is very strange to me.

Physics of the Future: Right now, we are entering a world where an incredible amount of knowledge is a touch away. From Cxscio, the free encyclopedia. CreditsAustralian Broadcasting Commission, retrieved 27 JanuaryWriter and consultant: Pew Research used them to form smzrter tension-pair question survey that was distributed to noted academics. Augmented Reality Law, Privacy, and Ethics: Newer Post Older Post Home.

His range of topics covered energy, climate change, global development, open source, biotechnology, and nanotechnologies. Get Smarter put into words many of the thoughts I have had when my father goes on rants about how the internet is making us stupid. However, unlike the internet, csscio do not have a built-in search engine that enables us to sift through vast quantities of information in a neat and orderly way.

Cascio directly responds to this fear by suggesting that the current internet system is still primitive and, due to the large quantiy of information, forces the individual into a sense of “partial attention.

Retrieved 27 January On the other hand, we have to look at the advancement and growing of technology from a different angle. Since we are the creators of technology, we could always be one step ahead because the more intelligent our technology becomes, the more intelligent we become.

Understanding the Consequences of GeoengineeringLulu. We might abuse the technology we have created for different purposes, purposes for medical reasons and not ability of performance. Inthe writer and futurist Jamais Cascio made a pertinent prediction The report raised a lot of interest, and featured in a segment of the National Geographic documentary Six Degrees Could Change the World.

Technology that is present today is so detailed and advanced from what it was in the past but so out of date to what we will experience in the future. In the periodCascio published two volumes of background material for use in Steve Jackson Games ‘ role playing game Transhuman Spacewhich is set in The only way in which humans can differ from one another and from computers is through fluid intelligence.


Jamais Cascio

I think that this discussion brings up questions about not just how is technology going to affect our cultural divides, but also are we ready for intelligence enhancing technology?

Views Read Edit View history. Because Patreon has become so popular he indicated that the generation today is looking to make social impact. To me, paying attention to something is an active and cognizant choice that one makes whereas awareness is much more passive. Not only are people in different countries closer than ever, but the handicapped are given a chance to connect with the world.

It takes the differences and cultural backgrounds to allow us to grow as humans with the ability to solve problems by contrast. The points made by Casio related to the advancement of technology opening the doors between people combined with medicine stuck out.

He does not think that the web, or even video games, hurts our minds or makes us dumb. It is becoming a stepping stool for globalization and a way to create awareness about issues in the international world that are usually swept aside by mainstream media. When the witchcraft technologies AI and other creepy stuff that makes us believe we are being analyzed and manipulated develops in a much faster rate, can our intelligence catch up? Cascio claimed that electronic media are among the great technological advances that we humans now use to simulate evolution The ability to adapt to new technologies or the capacity for developing them?

Although the use of technology is a new factor, the type of responding to better ourselves is consistent.