When I first read The Alchemy of Finance by George Soros, I thought his “theory of reflexivity” was absurd. It seemed to be an ex post facto. AA ~ George Soros (Trades, Portfolio) (via FT). The conceptual framework that Soros is referring to is reflexivity. Understanding what. In epistemology, and more specifically, the sociology of knowledge, reflexivity refers to circular . Economic philosopher George Soros, influenced by ideas put forward by his tutor, Karl Popper (), has been an active promoter of the.

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Reflexivity presents a problem for science because if a prediction can lead to changes in the system that the prediction is made in relation to, it becomes difficult to assess scientific hypotheses by comparing the predictions they entail with the events that actually occur.

Reflexivity (social theory)

Invitation to a Reflexive Sociology. In researching cultural practices reflexivity plays important role but because of its complexity and subtlety it often goes under-investigated or involves highly specialized analyses.

Social Dramas and Stories about Them. Foucault argues that the concept of man emerged in the early 19th century, what he calls the “Age of Man”, with the philosophy of Immanuel Kant.

The first sense of reflexivity in anthropology is part of social science’s more general self-critique in the wake of theories by Michel Foucault and others about the relationship of power rflexivity knowledge production.

Reflexivity is, therefore, a methodological issue in the social sciences analogous to the observer effect. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

New Frontiers in the Sociology of Knowledge. Reflexivity includes both a subjective process of self-consciousness inquiry and the study of social behavior with reference to theories about social relationships. More broadly, reflexivity is considered to occur when the observations or actions of observers in the social system affect the very situations they are observing, or theory being formulated is disseminated to and affects the behaviour of the individuals or systems the theory is meant to be objectively modelling.


This leads to the metaculture of geodge about managing and reflecting upon pf. Views Reflrxivity Edit View history. Social sciences portal Anthropology portal Economics portal Sociology portal. Reflexivity has been taken up as the issue of “reflexive prediction” in economic science by Grunberg and Modigliani and Herbert A.

Reflexivity has been most intensively explored in studies of performance, [17] public events, [18] rituals, [19] and linguistic forms [20] but can be seen any time acts, reflexiviyt, or people are held up and commented upon or otherwise set apart for consideration. Soros has often claimed that his grasp of the principle of reflexivity is what has given him his “edge” and that it is the major factor contributing to his successes as a trader.

A reflexive relationship is bidirectional with both the cause and the effect affecting one another in a relationship in which neither can be assigned as causes or effects. The prophecy has a constitutive reflexivtiy on the outcome or result, changing the outcome from what would otherwise have happened.

Economist and former columnist of the Financial Times, Anatole Kaletskyargued that Soros’ concept of reflexivity is useful in understanding the way in which Western analysts believe that China’s “economy is not only slowing, but falling off a cliff.

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Flanagan has argued that reflexivity complicates all three of the traditional roles that are typically played by a rfflexivity science: Margaret Archer has written extensively on laypeople’s reflexivity. He finishes the book by posing the problem of the age of man and our pursuit of knowledge- where “man is both knowing subject and the object of his own study”; thus, Foucault argues that the social sciences, far from being objective, produce truth in their own mutually exclusive discourses.


They can play with, comment upon, debate, modify, and objectify culture through manipulating many different features in recognized ways. The Misrepresentation of Anthropology and Its Consequences.

Making our way through the world: Reflexivity asserts that prices do in fact influence the fundamentals and that these newly influenced set of fundamentals then proceed to change expectations, thus influencing prices; the process continues in a self-reinforcing pattern. See also structure and agency and social mobility. Rrflexivity use of studying reflexivity is in connection to authenticity.

Be a global citizen.

A high level of social reflexivity would be defined by an individual shaping their own norms, tastes, politics, desires, and so on. For her, human reflexivity is a mediating mechanism between structural properties, or the individual’s social reflexivjty, and action, or the individual’s ultimate concerns. Within economicsreflexivity refers to the spros effect of market sentiment, whereby rising prices attract buyers whose actions drive prices higher still until the process becomes unsustainable.

He further suggests that property price inflation is essentially a reflexive phenomenon: As with the feminist and anti-colonial critiques that provide some of reflexive anthropology’s inspiration, the reflexive understanding of the academic and political power of representations, analysis of the process of “writing culture” has become a necessary part of understanding the situation of the ethnographer in the fieldwork situation. Any particular field of research occupied with aspects of knowledge processes in general e.

By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Because the pattern is self-reinforcing, markets tend towards disequilibrium. Anthropologists by nationality Anthropology by year Bibliography Journals List of indigenous peoples Organizations.