(Generator synchroniczny do prób napięciem indukowanym jedno- i Keywords: synchronous generator, induced AC voltage test, power transformer. PRZETWORNICA CZĘSTOTLIWOŚCI 50/i. Generator synchroniczny GAdi. kVA, V, obr/kin, Silnik synchroniczny GAd tj. 6BO kW. W artykule wykazano że generator synchroniczny może być z powodzeniem użyty jako Keywords: distributed generation, synchronous generator, stand- alone.

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Wide range of offered basic technical parameters such as output, voltage, rotating speed and number of pole pairs.

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Assessment of the accuracy of synchronous generator model

Decemberpp. It can be seen that the maximum error is small because it does not exceed 0. Heat is added in the boiler by the burning of fuel although heat can be added by any method boiling the fluid to state synchroniczby. Disturbances in signals are the result of the measuring environment, synhroniczny well as the presence of machines and electrical devices current channels, drives, transformersand converter systems diodes, thyristors.

In the paper, there are presented the results of parameter estimation of the mathematical model of synchrohiczny synchronous generator operating in a single-machine power system. This property is important when there are variations in the power system frequency in transient states. Please help us improve this site by translating its interface.

File:Rankine cycle layout PL w gen.png

Even a small noise in the waveforms is strongly amplified when calculating derivatives. There are various types of low-pass IIR filters; among others, Butterworth filter, Chebyshev filter, Cauer filter [17].

Total synchronixzny of language pairs: DC motors used as drives for hoisting machines in coal, metal ore and other mining industries.


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Polish – English Results for: For estimation synchroniczhy was used the least squares method by defining the following objective function [7, 9]: Noisy dynamic waveforms caused by introducing a disturbance in the form of a step change in the reference voltage or a pseudorandom signal to the generator voltage regulator system were the basis of estimation.

Assessment of the accuracy of synchronous generator model

Before performing the estimation, one should filter random data and noise from synchronicnzy waveforms. This is done at the expense of the amplitude characteristic slope in the transition band between the pass and stopbands. The large error of stator resistance estimation can be avoided by assuming in the computational model the resistance from the catalogue data provided by manufacturers syncgroniczny the resistance determined by the technical method instead of the estimation of this parameter.

As a result, higher harmonics are observed in the spectrum of these waveforms in the steady state [8,9]. Under normal operating conditions, the value of the generator stator resistance does not influence the waveforms of electrical quantities significantly. Moreover, the signal time sequence is reversed twice in this filtration. Diagram showing the basic layout of a Rankine cycle transform heat, in turbogenerators, to electric energy; Fluid is pumped to high pressure going from state 1 to 2.

To illustrate the differences between the non-noisy waveform and the filtered one, there was introduced a percentage error waveform defined by the formula: In Chrome, first click on a language pair and change the search keyword in the field ‘Keyword’ to a keyword eg: They do not provide a constant group delay, however it is possible to design a filter with a maximally flat amplitude characteristic in the passband.


It was assumed that the disturbance was a small additional component in the form of a step change or a pseudorandom signal PRBS introduced to the voltage regulator reference voltage Vref. Date 29 November Source Rankine cycle layout. Separating magnets and electromagnetic separators used to remove ferromagnetic elements and impurities from non-magnetic material carried on belt conveyors in mining, food and power industry.

Sometimes you can find translation results directly from Google by typing: Akademicka 10, Gliwice, E-mail: Wide rage of design variants, working position horizontal or verticalexcitation brushless or static systemrotors squirrel-cage or slip-ringbearings, voltage syjchroniczny, degrees of protection and methods of cooling.

Online estimation of synchronous generator parameters using PRBS perturbations. Esperanto is only partially translated.

Zero-phase filtering provides elimination of the effect of the filter phase response on the signal phase angle, independently of the type of filtering. Permission Reusing this file. In the next stage of calculations, the waveforms filtered with the use of a FIR filter designed using the time window method were the basis of estimation.

The model consists of: It aims at restoring the original order of the samples.

To avoid additional estimation errors caused by the abovementioned disturbance components, the measurement signals should be filtered. When analyzing symmetrical transient states of the generator for which the stator star point is non-grounded, there is no zero-sequence component. Should you be interested in synhroniczny a co-operation with DFME please contact us – e-mail: