PDF | The paper analyses the importance of behavioural finance theories in household decision-making process. Behavioural finance theories investigate emotional characteristics to explain Kognityvinės terapijos pagrindai [The Basics . gyventojų elgsenos teorijos tyrinėja rinkos dalyvių emocines. solutions. This handbook will help the students, studying finance management, to foster the Buckiūnienė O.() Finansų teorijos pagrindai. Vilniaus. Finansų pagrindai (FIN). Annotation. This is an introductory course in finance. Course objective is to provide students with the basic knowledge in finance.

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Namely these qualities of labour force result in formation of the most components of the labour market, i. Standartinis nuokrypis yra statistinis dispersijos matas.


Such data are limited and a certain minimum of these data is necessary for econometric and statistical conclusions. Regularities and perspectives of labour market development Similarly to other markers, the labour market uses its identification indicators pagrinfai express and explain the structures of labour force supply and demand teirijos well as factors determining their changes.

The most essential functions, whereof performance reveals the socio-economic role of taxes, are presented below: The novelty, theoretical and practical significance of the results are revealed through the following aspects: Reforming taxation system, retaining of balance of ppagrindai principles of justice, economic efficiency and financial effectiveness becomes the goal of utmost importance.

The author of the theory states that increasing tax rates taxable income ration with GDP, or tax burden beyond a certain point, the increase in tax revenues pagrundai stable. Fourthly, increasing personal income multiplies investment into the development of social sphere, which also contribute to achievement of competences. This priority will be included into the monograph, which is being prepared within the activities of the international Baltic region project IGA implemented by the Faculty of Social Sciences of Lithuanian University of Educational Sciences in cooperation with The Hanseatic Parliament Hamburg, Germany.

The importance of this factor is conditioned by the kind of financing and crediting, since the value of money received and spent during funans period of time is not the same.

The multi-criteria methodology for evaluation of intellectual capital was prepared that creates conditions for rational management of innovations and competitiveness development. Under specific economic conditions, the amount of labour offered in the labour market is expressed through the individuals, who work or actively search for a job, as well as unemployed individuals, who are or are not registered in the labour exchange.


This is related to dependence of this indicator on production and trade scale, kind of activity, technical level, labour efficiency, market for realisation of goods and services.

This principle aims at taxation teorojos of the kind of activities or income received. We share information about your activities on the site with our partners and Google partners: Your consent terijos our cookies if you continue to use this website.

Making attempts to single out the most frequently applied categories of theory and practice teorijks finance, next to such concepts as profit, interest, currency exchange rate, inflation and others, we will definitely encounter the concepts of risk and uncertainty. These objectives may be different in various countries but the main one remains the same: The research papers presented for the review focus on solutions to the above mentioned problems.

This allows for finding solutions to problems related to generation and preparation of information necessary for decision making as well as for analysis of situations-problems, whereof solutions applying other methods are not efficient though possible. The game theory makes attempts to weaken elements of uncertainty formulating certain prerequisites for knowledge and motivation of decision-makers. The principle of equality.

If no contradictions among members of the group are observed, the decision is considered to be the same as made by one individual. Tax productivity is based on assurance of sufficient revenue to cover expenditure of the state. Employing such data more information may be acquired, when values received applying regression model are combined with historic data. Having acquired the necessary qualification, a big number of people are unemployed and are not able to actively involve in production of commodities and development of services.

Vilniaus pedagoginio universiteto leidykla. Such analysis is necessary solving a wide range of problems from calculations of interest credit to complicated investment psgrindai commercial calculations. Firstly, employing correlation and regression analysis, the dependencies of factors and processes are analysed, which are measured in a quantitative way on the teoriuos of historic data only.

Multi-criteria evaluation methods and models were applied for research on successful management of intellectual capital. Baltic Sea Academy, Hamburg, p. The problem of decision consists of several elements.

WBenson D. Forecasts may be more informative if regression analysis results 34 are considered while forecasting. Standartinis nuokrypis yra absoliutusis finams matas. Since the ratio between tax revenue and GDP is the most frequently calculated indicator of tax burden, it attracts most of criticism. Fnans principle of neutrality.

Ekonomikos teorijos objektas ir metodai. Thus, development of intellect increases possibilities for strengthening of productive qualities of human capital, which will be efficiently employed in future and will provide with conditions for growth on income, which, consequently, will promote motivation for work and improvement. Thus, taxes are necessary since they serve as foundation for economic and social existence.


This has been perfectly perceived in the European Union, where innovations in industry are promoted employing a wide range of forms: Grynasis nacionalinis produktas — tai BVP, minus tam tikro laikotarpio amortizaciniai atskaitymai.

Motivation is highly significant and necessary to ensure a continuous form of the reproduction process of human capital, which promotes personality progress and positive social development. The principles of taxation and its implementation are of importance ensuring efficiency of taxation system functioning. Taxes have been known as one of the oldest and most important sources of public finances.

Taking into consideration the pagrinadi, the human capital includes not only the aggregate of skills, knowledge and abilities that have been acquired or developed by an individual. The main goal of the research is to investigate macro economic and business policy measures applying mathematical modelling and other methods and to use them for strategies of economic policy and business.

Poulsonas ; D.


The obligation of the 29 state is to carry out all these activities, whereof efficient and appropriate supply from private individuals cannot be ensured. According to the general classification scheme, decisions may be classified according two characteristics: Thus, making decision on investing into such bonds, it is necessary to know that the return may be defined in teroijos of probability.

In fact, management science should avoid criteria, algorithms or principles in decision making, what prevents from considering the multi-criteria nature of future opportunities.

Intellectual resources are seen as the most important element of competitiveness in the knowledge-based society.

verslo pagrindai pdf files

Secondly, it also embraces such competences of skills, knowledge and abilities that are used in a targeted, efficient and expedient way by an individual in the sphere of public activities and that contribute to growth of labour efficiency and production. When one criterion is applied, a simple decision is made, whereas complex decisions are reached employing more criteria. Taxes of various kinds, which are imposed and implemented according to certain taxation principles, make up the national taxation system.