: Even Cowgirls Get the Blues: A Novel (): Tom Robbins: Books. The whooping crane rustlers are girls. Young girls. Cowgirls, as a matter of fact, all “bursting with dimples and hormones”—and the FBI. “Even Cowgirls Get the Blues” is a Whole Earth narrative, a laid back Tom Robbins is one of our best practioners of high foolishness. □.

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Starring Sissy Hankshaw–flawlessly beautiful, almost. Chpaters pg – Maybe you’ve taken it already and if so, I am jealous of you.

Even Cowgirls Get the Blues (film) – Wikipedia

Seattle Times interview on Even Cowgirls He has been called ‘a vital natural resource’ by The Portland Oregonian’one of the wildest and most entertaining novelists in the world’ by the FTand ‘the most dangerous writer in the world today’ by Fernanda Pivano of Italy’s Corriere della Sera. Gosh, but I hated this book.

Who could have dreamt up such an idea except for Tom Robbins? Lost in Translation Favorite lesbian couple in film? So why is Tom Robbins being crucified because he gets a little harmless pleasure out of imagining sex between two beautiful young women? I’d had more than fifteen years of bosses, acquaintances, and random strangers sexually harassing me at school and at work.

For all the lady-loving which the author clearly thinks is hot, he states orbbins that women can’t be complete without men in the moral wrap-up. In his essay, “We Tell Stories,” he divides writers into two groups: The women in this book are uber-objectified and fetishized. Stop going to Buddhist temples and sweat lodges – just look back a few generations of grandmothers!


There’s a sample of it. Works by Tom Robbins.

Even Cowgirls Get the Blues

You will walk away from this novel not only because it is gross, or because you have pieces of Tim Robbin’s genius on your facebut also because you wont be able to figure out why someone so apparently gifted would write about this trivial crap.

Robbins himself was the narrator. This is one of those special novels — a piece of working magic, warm, funny, and sane — that you want to ride off into the sunset with. Rovbins then I had read books on feminism by women. Even Cowgirls Get the Blues is simultan Even Cowgirls Get the Blues offers a hitherto unexplored form of fantasy which is wild, unpredictable, hilarious and beautiful.

You will get the same effect. This sentence has seen too much and forgotten too little. Jun 22, Marcie rated it it was amazing.

For further unknown reasons, there’s a gaggle of fven living and working on the evrn, led by Rain Phoenix as “Bonanza Jellybean. Robbins pretends he is writing a treatise on female rights, starring lesbians and cowgirls and a blies philosopheress with a strange but wonderful disfigurement who all resist s society’s inclination to turn them into homemakers.

In her later travels, she encounters, among many others, a sexually open cowgirl named Bonanza Jellybean and an itinerant escapee from a Japanese internment camp happily mislabeled The Eveen.

Even Cowgirls Get the Blues Summary & Study Guide

The cowgirls are fighting for their rights to be cowgirls and also to end the oppression of women. But none compare to the glorious, delectable, vivacious – Bonanza Jellybean. Apr 19, Tominda Adkins rated it did not like it Recommends it for: By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.


I spent a year opening books for authors at book signings, and there were a number I never read again for being awful people to the help. Even Cowgirls Get the Robbkns film. January Magazine Interview Tom Robbins interview – alibi.

I don’t want to pretend this book is flawless. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. On the other hand, see my notes on “Into the Wild” and note the difference between staying in the moment with your relationships, and being so self-centered that you don’t allow yourself to trust or care for others and thus HAVE to wander Edit Storyline Sissy Hankshaw is born with enormous thumbs that help her hitchhiking through the U.

The juxtaposition of graphic gross-yam pudding-while-balling with-old-chinese-men-sex and the brilliant and enlightened way in robbns TR philosophizes is maddening.

This leads Sissy to hitchhike. A second read shows that a lot of its feminism is just like the slogan shirts and pussy hats—feel good.

The Feel-Good Feminism of ‘Even Cowgirls Get the Blues’

When I was 17, my friend snuck me into a club in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. Its the only way to “get it. Or order from one of these stockists: This sentence may be pregnant This sentnece suffered a split infinitive – and survivied.