EUROLITE STC User Manual. BEDIENUNGSANLEITUNG USER MANUAL STC Lighting Stand Für weiteren Gebrauch aufbewahren! Keep this. Buy your Eurolite STC wind-up light stand at Bax Music and enjoy delivery in 2 business days, a 3-year warranty and our lowest-price guarantee. Free delivery and returns on eligible orders. Buy Eurolite STC – Soporte para iluminación (4 m) at Amazon UK.

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The different local conditions have to be considered in terms of safety rules. Dependending upon the individual installation spot, all necessary measures against eruolite and for securing the standing safety have to be created.

Verwenden Sie zur Reinigung ein fusselfreies, angefeuchtetes Tuch. Lighting and Stage Effects Go to product group: Never use alcohol or solvents!

We recommend a frequent cleaning of the device. Insert the end in the quick link and tighten the safety screw.

EUROLITE STC-400 User Manual

If inclined tension cables or prolonged outriggers are used, the area of danger has to be marked or even be blocked. Repeat the same procedure with the lower safety bolt and telescopic tube until the desired height is reached. MStar DC music stand.

Eurolitf operator has to make sure that safety-relating and machine-technical installations are approved by an expert before taking into operation for the first time and after changes before taking into operation another time. The personell has to be instructed on the content of the user manual and on the dangers related with operating stands.


It’s a community-based project which helps to repair anything. Stim Os03 lighting stand with t-bar Free delivery 0 EUR. The carrying capacity of the stand must not exceed 75 – 80 kg. Should you need any spare parts, please use genuine parts. Das Stativ darf niemals bewegt werden bevor alle Teleskoprohre eingefahren sind!

Installation of the luminaires Caution: You must only use safety-ropes with quick link with screw cap. Pull on the upper safety bolt of the telescopic tube and keep it taught.

Yamaha C30MII classical guitar. Yamaha PSR E keyboard. Nehmen Sie das Stativ aus der Verpackung.

Eurolite STC 400 lighting stand 4m

Please use a moist, lint-free cloth. The installation is only allowed on carrying areas. Make sure that the respective area is blocked. Lifted telescopic tubes always have to be secured with a secondary securing! Stim OS lighting stand An unintended movement of the load has to be avoided. You can find the latest syc-400 of this user manual in the Internet under: Dirty Rigger Comfort Fit technician gloves, DuraTruss Strap with tensioner When choosing the installation-spot, please make sure that the stand has to be installed in a way euroite no person can enter the area below the stand or its load!

Crank the handle in clockwise rotations until the stand tube stop, where the bore-hole of the telescopic tube euolite the same level as the safety bolt. This safety area must have a diameter of 1. When using stands under the influence of horizontal forces, e.


If one part of a stand is defective, the stand must not be taken into operation. Hercules LSB lighting stand This is why additional safety measures like attaching ballast weights have to be taken.

Alice A mix guitar pick. The operator has to make sure that safety-relating and machine-technical installations are approved by an expert after every four year in the course of an acceptance test.

st-400 All carrying parts have to be inspected on damages or material fatigue. This device is designed for professional use, e.

In some cases, an appropriate substructure, e. Before taking into operation for the first time, the installation has eurklite be approved by an expert!

When people are located below the load, all necessary safety measures have to be taken in order to avoid injury. Tighten the fixation screw. Keep this manual for future needs!


The operator has to make sure that safety-relating and machine-technical installations are inspected by a skilled person once a year. The loads have to be installed in a balanced way. Ein unbeabsichtiges Bewegen der Last muss verhindert werden.

Operate the device only after having become familiar with its functions. Stands with their loads have to be secured stx-400 unintended movements.