Eurail Traveler’s Guide – Rail Read more about eurail, valid, railway, Eurail Traveler’s Guide – English · eurail. Eurail and Train Travel Guide to Europe. Eurail Traveler’s Guide – English · Eurail Traveler’s Guide – English. Europe by Rail: The Definitive Guide for Independent Travellers. For example, in my first “rail trip” to Europe in , I visited five countries . all the main train routes in all Europe, a Eurail Pass Timetable, and a Eurail Guide.

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210 to get around the Caribbean. However, railpass holders must pay a fee and make a seat reservation to travel on almost all high-speed long-distance trains.

On June 14, by Linda Martin in Travel. Now work out point to point fares following the advice on the How to buy European train tickets page which tells you which website to use for which European journey to get the cheapest prices, based on the city in which that journey starts. Back to top Spain Eurail passes give unlimited travel on The very first thing you need to do is determine whether a Eurail pass is even worth the money for your trip.

On the 20100 page select Pass offer InterRail, Eurail For a long trip, say as a month exploring every major city in Europe, or a very long journey such as Guiee to Istanbul, I’d suggest paying more for railpass even if advance-purchase fares are cheaper overall.

InterRail passes are not valid on privately-run Giideor on the Kulturzug regional train Berlin-Wroclaw. EIC Premium trainsoperated by the new pendolino trains: Who qualifies for one?


You’ll need to pay a supplement and make a reservation for a sleeper or couchette on overnight trains, in all countries. If you live in the USA, buy a Eurail pass at www. But if you tavelers a cheap fare in advance it would still be cheaper than even an 8-day pass.

Tips For Choosing The Best Eurail Pass & Money Saving Strategies

It’s not even penciled in yet And as virtually no Swiss train requires a supplement or reservation, a railpass still gives you that wonderful hop on, hop off convenience that railpasses have lost in France, Spain or Italy where every long-distance train now requires a reservation. Don’t Miss Out More personal updates, latest stories and can’t-miss travel deals.

Which trains does Eurail cover in each country? If you are under 28 years old But if you want to see more of the continent, a Eurail pass is a good option. Be warned, I’ve come across a few cases where it was cheaper to buy a cheap advance-purchase point-to-point ticket online direct from the train operator as if no pass was held and print out your travelera ticket, than to pay an overseas agency for the passholder reservation charge plus their booking fee plus postage!

How to Save Money Traveling Europe by Train

In other cases trying to dodge the fast train reservation fee is more trouble than it’s worth, as it means taking a relay-race of local trains, taking hours longer and involving several changes of train. We took the train from Sofia to Istanbul a few years ago.


For comparison, you can check Spanish point-to-point fares at www. Europe by train introduction How to buy European train tickets For a pre-planned itinerary around Europe, advance-purchase tickets are usually cheaper than a pass Obviously with continuous passes this giude an issue, the rule just applies to Flexi type Eurail passes.

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Fill eugail in On the first day of validity, you need to get the pass validated. Eurail passes are also valid in 2nd class on competing hourly Westbahn trains Salzburg-Vienna, www.

Why see Europe by train – train versus car, flight, bus. In overcrowded Europe, driving on busy motorways is tedious. Euurail under 4 travel free and need no pass, nor do they pay any reservation fees.

Eurorail and Eurail pass tips and tricks | Indie Travel Podcast

If you do the maths right it can work out in your favour. People often think that the trains in the booklet are the only trains you’re allowed to take with your Eurail traveleers. Reservation fees are generally the same whatever type of rail pass you have. So even a single-country France or Benelux pass allows to to book a cheap Eurostar trip to London.

You can check Polish sleeper and couchette supplements online travslers www. The Eurail pass range explained – which pass to buy? Inlandsbanen private local railway up the inner spine of Sweden.