To highlight potential adverse effects of contrast agents. •! To produce guidelines on the safe use of contrast media in different clinical Version has until. “Contrast agents are much less nephrotoxic than previously thought”, said Aart van der the current ESUR Contrast Media Safety Committee (CMSC) guideline. It is a great honor for the Contrast Media Safety Committee of the European So- ciety of Urogenital Radiology (ESUR) to present version of its Contrast Media 7. 1. AN OVERVIEW. This overview summarizes some of the most important.

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Continuous ambulatory peritoneal dialysis.

For chest and brain examinations, either CT or MR may be done first. Extra hemodialysis session to remove contrast agent as soon as possible after it has been administered is recommended.

Eur Radiol ; 9: Previous acute reaction to gadolinium-based contrast agent. Keep the patient in the Radiology Department for 30 min after contrast medium injection.

Be aware of the patients drug history. Patients with diabetes mellitus taking metformin. Discuss the need to stop nephrotoxic drugs with the referring physician. conrrast

ESUR Guidelines

An adverse reaction which usually occurs more than 1 week after contrast medium injection. Early identification and careful observation. Patients not at increased risk. March Henrik S. It is increased for high-osmolar agents and for repeated injections within 48 to 72 hours. Breast feeding may be continued normally when iodine-based agents are given to the mother. Patient with a history of: This enables us to improve your future experience on our website.


Appropriate H1-antihistamine intramuscularly or intravenously should be considered. It should be discussed with referring physician. Nausea, mild vomiting Urticaria Itching. Pateints with heart failure NYHA or end stage renal failure should get individualized hydration.

Our key aim of providing simple practical guidelines appears to have been mwdia. Decreased blood pressure Intramuscular: Previous late contrast medium reaction. Determine eGFR 48 hours after contrast medium administration.

The majority of verzion are minor e. Mr Examinations The risk of nephrotoxicity is very low when gadolinium-based contrast media are used in approved doses.

It their renal function has not deteriorated, they should restart metformin. In which patients should serum-creatinine be measured before contrast medium administration? Keep a proper record of the contrast medium injection time, dose, name. Known guiidelines suspected acute renal failure. Preparation Before intravenous iodine- or gadolinium-based contrast medium: From the day of exposure for up to months, sometimes up ccontrast years after exposure.

An adverse reaction which occurs within 1 hour of contrast medium injection. Previous allergic reactions to barium products. Conservative management is adequate in most cases limb elevation apply ice packs careful monitoring If a serious injury is suspected, seek the advice of a surgeon.

versin In pediatric patients give 0. If a serious event occurs — see non-renal adverse reaction section. In this case, three precautionary steps should be followed: To reduce the risk of repeat reaction, use another contrast agent than the agent precipitating the first reaction. To declare that you wish to unsubscribe, you may use the respective link included in all newsletters.


Contrast media :

I confirm that I am a Healthcare Professional. It is recognized that: Consider the use of premedication.

For abdominal examinations, enhanced CT should be done before enhanced MR. Continue preventive hydration if appropriate see protocols above.

Fragile or damaged veins. Mandatory These agents should never be given in higher doses than 0. Iodine-based contrast medium Hemodialysis to remove vontrast contrast medium is unnecessary.

No special precautions are necessary when diabetic patients on metformin are given gadolinium-based contrast agents as the risk of PC-AKI is very low. Gadolinium-based contrast media are more nephrotoxic than iodine-based contrast media in equivalent X-ray attenuating doses. Severe heart disease e.

ESUR Update –

Supportive treatment including observation. For intravenous contrast medium and intra-arterial contrast medium administration with second pass renal exposure hydrate the patient either a with intravenous sodium bicarbonate 1. Have the drugs and equipment for resuscitation readily available see 1.