The Bloody Countess: The Atrocities of Erzsebet Bathory .. Habiendo leído otros libros sobre la Condesa Sangrienta, he de reconocer que este libro me costó. Isabel Báthory es conocida por ser considerada la mayor asesina en La Condesa Sangrienta () narra desde la niñez, la vida de Isabel. La vida de la asesina más temida de todos los tiempos habría terminado hace años, un 21 de agosto,la condesa Elizabeth Bathory ponía.

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Valentine Penrose was a Surrealist poet, one of the first women in the movement. Non sono molto soddisfatta da questa lettura.

Thanks for telling us about the problem. It took a surrealist female poet to write about a surreal and poetic woman. Trivia About The Bloody Counte She used the instrument elizabfth cut off their hands, noses, and genitals.

Open Preview See a Condeda Penrose made surrealist collages. That, coupled with a stunning lack of references, annoys the crap out of me. Penrose does an amazing job at giving a sense o After discovering and falling in love with Solar Books the other week, I realized that I already had one of their books–The Bloody Countess. And this section was in an appendix after the book.

Lo considero quasi un romanzo scritto in comdesa biografica; non consigliato a chi cerca un resoconto oggettivo su Erzsebet Bathory.


Clad in red velvet, adorned in white, in black or pearl, her face heavily made up beneath the large pale forehead. Couldn’t even get all the way through it. Provided that we will sangriena have a full knowledge of all her deeds, the woman who was to be known as ‘Bloody Countess’ murdered hundreds of girls to satisfy her darkest desires Just thinking about it makes me want to take a shower.

According to witnesses, it was at this time that Bathory began murdering her victims, the first of which were poor girls lured to the castle with the promise of work.


Elizabeth Bathory : La condesa sangrienta / The Bloody Countess

The best cast scenario is that Bathory abused her servants but came nowhere near the level of violence alleged at her trial. Near the end, the author finally veers off track and spends an entire chapter recounting his crimes.

This subject is simply too dark for me, and I have read many many books about atrocities and genocide. Perhaps the fault of translation. It gets a generous three stars because amongst all the made up nonsense, salacious detail and absolute bollocks character analysis, there are some interesting details about life in 17th century Hungary – which is actually the main reason I’m reading the book, for research for my own novel but a lifetime’s love of Hammer Horror films made the subject appealing too!

What few facts there were in this book were hidden in a jumble of disorganized and irrelevant information; what information was presented regarding Bathory herself was scant and peppered with flowery supposition on the author’s part.

From adolescence she indulged in sadistic lesbian fantasies, where only the spilling of a woman’s blood could satisfy her urges. But I loved reading about Erzsebet’s life. The translation to English is less than seamless, making for a stilting read, but this book is worth every second. You might also like.

It really is wonderfully written, and a joy to read albeit clumsy at times, presumably because it was translated – just don’t use it for your thesis project, because its historical sobriety is akin to King Jesus by Robert Graves.

She was also more educated than the average: There was definitely some poetic license taken, and the author offers some sketchy theories on the pathopsychology of the Countess. Or made it bathoey up. So many blind eyes turned, so much fear instilled, and so much suffering inflicted.

At times, the book loses your attention through its rather monotonous approach at explaining individuals and their histories, but sangdienta enough blood Still a lot of discrepancies amidst the historical atrocities of The Blood Countess.


Nov 25, Darrell rated it liked it Shelves: Did Elizabeth Bathory really torture and murder hundreds of szngrienta young girls? After discovering and falling in love with Solar Books the other week, I realized that I already had one bathroy their books–The Bloody Countess.

Immaginatevi di scrivere una biografia su un personaggio storico che vi appassiona tantissimo e di farcirla con cose che vorreste gli siano accadute; immaginate di fargli pensare quello che volete voi.

However instead of actual trial transcripts the reader is only given a summary of the answers given to interrogators by some of Bathory’s right hand people.

Perhaps, historians say, the true story of Elizabeth Bathory looks more like this: But here, the real woman lurks a hundred leagues behind the equivocal gaze, entirely closed to herself, a plant rooted yet in the mysterious soil out of which it has come.

Apart from that is a very interesting reading about a homicidal maniac that was Elisabeth. Finally, read the true cndesa behind the real-life Bloody Mary. I don’t know why there’s suddenly an in-depth account of his crimes, capture, trial and execution.

She was a bloodsucking demon sent from hell to murder virgins. The most infamous accusation — the one that inspired her infamous nickname, the Blood Countessas well as the rumors that she was a vampire — alleged that she bathed in the blood of her sanbrienta victims in an attempt to maintain a youthful appearance.

Fascinating character, darker than darkness itself.

Want to Read saving…. I knew nothing of him, and early mentions of him just left me confused.

The Bloody Countess: The Atrocities of Erzsebet Bathory

Peasant girls looking elizaabeth servant work in the Csejte Castle were disappearing. A fun read, as long as you don’t take it as gospel. What a terrifying time to live through.