Herman, Edward S. National Library of Australia BIBSYS National Library of . kritičkih eseja povodom “Masakra u Srebrenici” profesora Edvarda Hermana. ‘Ratni zločini: Potvrđena optužnica za masakr na Korićanskim stijenama the- politics-of-the-srebrenica-massacre-by-edward-herman Herman, J. Trauma. Results 1 – 25 of Srebrenica: falsifikovanje istorije: zbornik kritičkih eseja povodom “Masakra u Srebrenici” profesora Edvarda Hermana / Catalog Record.

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Noel Malcolm further writes that the primary objective of the Serbs was to annihilate the Muslim intellectuals and those within the Muslim community who held prominent and respectable edvrd p. Department of State gives an exhaustive account of the human rights violations perpetrated in Bosnia.

Bosnia, Srebrenica massacre, The truth about Srebrenica, Bosnian war

Everybody is fighting against Taliban and terrorism, but nobody care about it, that Taliban fighter are living in Bosnia and got Bosnian citizenship Nobody is talking about the Serbs who were killed!!! It is never explained to the reader what these organizations could possibly gain from being biased towards the Bosnian Muslims.

British journalist David Rohde, the recipient of the Pulitzer Prize and the author of The Endgame, visited the region of Srebrenica and was able to obtain significant proof of mass graves. They needed this massacre. Elaborating, Cushman and Mestrovic write: The results of this comprehensive study demonstrate without a doubt that the Bosnian Serbs committed enormities in Srebrenica, killing approximately 7, Muslim men.

VIAF ID: 91720975 (Personal)

And the Western claim is that 8, men and boys were executed in the quote Srebrenica massacre, but notice these were men, always men, all men, they were all soldiers, whereas those 2, civilians killed included very large numbers of women and edvrad.


Johnstone and other revisionists fail to take into account this crucial aspect. Srebrenica Hoax Dossier Srebrenica A.

This was the Srebrenica” Herman: My first question is about “The Srebrenica massacre” and the way that the establishment manipulated the media.

As regards the gruesome massacre in Srebrenica, Johnstone denies that there was any massacre. There is evidence edvagd the massacre in Srebrenica was a direct order of Karadzic and Mladic.

Jedan normalan covijek ne i ubiti jednog nevinog i nenaoruzanog covijeka na takav barbarski nacin. I sincerely hope that these monsters who committed this despicable atrocity will be severely punished. According to this report, in order for the Serbs to inflict as much damage as possible, they targeted heavily crowded places such as hospitals etc.

The list was based on unreliable sources. On this point, evidence is abundant and extremely well documented. The Serbs were suppose to surrender Sarajevo suburbs in exchange for Srebrenica. It is frequently asserted that this mzsakr meticulous and exhaustive study offers the definitive account of the war crimes perpetrated in Bosnia-Herzegovina.

Genocide in Bosnia /07/14

A za one sto su pocinili onaj grozotni cin kada su ubili one neduzne momke na onom videosnimku: Everybody in the world, who knows a little bit of the history of the Serbs and the history of the Balkan-territory, knows the truth about this war!

To je za mene neshvatljivo i apsurdno da neko moze srebrenicj odgovorne za hiljade neduznih zivota drzati za heroje. The information was sent in by the Muslim mayor to the Muslim institutions in Edvvard and Tuzla. Another technique frequently employed by Johnstone is speculation. Ratko Mladic and Radovan Karadzic, the ones held most accountable for the massacre in Srebrenica, are considered heroes in the Serb Republic of Bosnia. You said, about 2, civilians, women and children mainly.


The notorious prison camps in Omarska, Keraterm and Trnopolje never actually existed. New York University Press. Edward Herman spoke with John Robles of the Voice of Russia regarding the facts surrounding the Srebrenica Massacre, the pretext for the “humanitarian” invasion of the former Yugoslavia, and takes apart the “official” ; version that has always been promoted by the West.

Speculating, she implicitly suggests that the Muslims were targeting their own people to induce NATO intervention against the Serbs. Other areas from which many Muslims had been expelled were Krajina and Bijeljina. However, Johnstone does not stop here, she also implies that the Muslims and Croats committed more war hermah than the Serbs. According to Johnstone, the U. His “new” general, former police officer, Naser Oric, raided 56 Serbian villages. Many of the men and boys were executed hermxn buried in mass graves.

Only in Srebrenica 7, Muslims were killed in an abhorrent massacre.