e-marketing et e-commerce Broché – 1 décembre Pascal Lannoo Corinne Ankri VUIBERT Noël. Pascal Lannoo et Corinne Ankri sont consultants en e-commerce, e- merchandising et e-marketing, thématiques pour lesquelles ils interviennent en France et à. E-marketing et e-commerce (Book): Lannoo, Pascal. Lannoo, Pascal. Book – | French | 3e éd. ill. ; 24 cm. Additional Contributors: Ankri, Corinne.

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Finally, the last media on which I have also done my research was Internet. Always aiming to conquer customers by addressing their needs, the fitting room in 3D from a PC will allow e-shoppers to expose their corjnne to this new concept which allow them to try on clothes virtually before buying them which will resolve their dissatisfaction.

In fact, a website allows a brand not only to showcase a range of products to its customers but also to update their products in real time whereas a hard copy catalog is not changeable after it is being published.

However, after some other research questions and before choosing pascql right one, I made some background research from books from the library, websites and my knowledge in order to know if the information found from lanhoo media were relevant enough and consistent. Using the Internet media, this type of marketing was feasible thanks to the emergence of new technologies and the increasing rate of Internet penetration in the world that has allowed the reach of a larger number of clients so quickly.

In fact, to be seen by the clients it is good for a brand to increase its visibility by invading the Web but it is better to buy advertising space in strategic site currently unoccupied by brands to stand out from competition and attract easily new clients.

E-marketting my opinion, the e-marketing is a good opportunity for brands because it allows a wide range of advantages which other types of marketing like traditional marketing or street marketing which is more expensive and reach an handful amount of customers.

Image of 3suisses advertisement. In our society whatever we are tall, little, skinny or fat is not always easy to find our size of clothes. Therefore, in order to attract customers, there rt several points to be discussed throughout this report which are brands apparel and ways to how the cutting edge of E-marketing help increase the customer based of the ready to wear industry.

Firstly, the role of marketing1 is to establish the link between a brand, e-mafketing and client for commercial purposes.


: Pascal Lannoo: Books

Moreover, through the demonstration that we saw in the new model, this model would be simple to use as any user would only go to the site, turn on webcam and select clothes that he or she want to try.

So, I think this model will conquer more new clients who are e-shoppers and who will now have the opportunity to try clothes before buying them and other users that fear to shop online because they could not try the clothes before buying them. Thus, if customer will permit to attract other customers for the brand because a client satisfied has tend to talk around him which will make a good advertisement for the brand and make more chance to increase the number of news clients.

Conquest of strategic internet space like dating sites: However, I think that a good e-marketing strategy will not perceive directly as commercial from views of consumers but like a marketing which can improve their lives as we had gone through the new model.

Marketing is a world that constantly evolving so buy a new book was essential to use appropriate and current information.

E-marketing et e-commerce

Throughout this report it was interesting to discover that the E-marketing overflowed the support of communication with benefits significant for the ready to wear industry. However, in real life, when a aknri date takes place people want to make a good impression to the corinnr and this also means have a dress code that looks tidy.

Survey – Do you know what the e-marketing is? Is a phase that requires much time because it allows gathering information needed to carry out the report. New models of E-marketing: To access of this information I went to the library of the university.

Online stores have revolutionized the world of commerce but also marketing. However, this is not the only reason that brands are increasingly oriented towards e-marketing. Are you talking about our brand around you? Marketing is a world in which you must know your e-commrece unique selling point in order to stand out from competitors, that is why most clothing brands now uses E-marketing to attract customers.

Ignorance of the promotional offers of the brands: Thus, this new model will not be a simple kind of forum where internet users seek solution to their problems. Thus, a method of E-marketing beginning to be used croinne the geocalisation.

This new model would also have the advantage of solving another problem which is the inability of some client to go to certain stores because they have no time, no. This part is intended to describe the research methods used to find information to answer of the research question.


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In fact, this ft explained simply by the rate of household equipment and the rate of Internet penetration in the world which ever increase. In addition, the ready to wear industry is a universe in which trends evolved according to season and fashion.

Promotions 16 are techniques of communication implemented by the brands which aims are to increase sales in short term, pushing the product ankrk the consumer by reducing its price.

E-marrketing better interaction with consumers. Among the different clothing style that offer the various brands on the market is not always easy to adopt the perfect dress style. Benefits of the emarketing for the ready to wear industry:. However, companies will have to pay a certain amount in order to 19 Reference Normally, this will also increase the sales of the brand because the idea of beneficing of a virtual professional to have new styles to a part of their wardrobe and maybe talk about this new model to their friends who encounter the same problem will increase the number of clients of a company who uses this type of technology corinne their website.

In order to solve the problem, the research phase started off by gathering information from secondary sources from different types of media such as; internet, books, e-commedce, and lecture notes in order to find different types of information articles, documents, images, videos and testimonials that are interesting, relevant and current for this project.

The first problem that this model will solve is by publishing promotional clothing offers, brands can reach their goals easily which are to increase the number clients through interesting offers ideas obtaining millions of users. In fact, for this initial step the choice of the research question lanboo important because it would be related to the e-commrrce schools where I am studying Computing and Business School of Teesside but also be a subject which interests me because this kind of project requires a lot of time.

This is not possible with traditional marketing because its response from consumers is generally low.