Résumé Le diverticule de Meckel est la malformation congénitale du tractus digestif la plus fréquente (environ 2 % de la population générale). Le risque de. Request PDF on ResearchGate | Les aspects pathologiques du diverticule de Meckel chez l’enfant | Anything unusual, Meckel’s diverticulum is the most. Raziel ××8 ( bytes) Représentation artistique du diverticule de Meckel sur une portion d’intestin grêle. Auteur: ~~~~ Date.

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We use cookies to meckep you an optimal experience on our website. By browsing our website, you accept the use of cookies. Ask a question to the author You must be logged in to ask a question to authors. Click here to access your dverticule, or here to register for free! Retroperitoneoscopic adrenalectomy was developed ininitially only for small benign lesions and recently for lesions superior to 5 cm and even malignancies.

File:Diverticule de Meckel.jpg

This retroperitoneal technique has gained popularity since it allows for a direct access to the gland and prevents unexpected injuries to the intra-abdominal organs. In this lecture, Dr.


Mushtaq outlines the indications for adrenalectomy in children, patient set-up, trocar placement, and operative mefkel overview. The retroperitoneal approach begins by placing the child in a prone position. The 12th rib, iliac crest, and paravertebral muscles are then marked on the patient. The first incision is made at the lateral border of the lateral vertebral muscles, halfway between the 12th rib and the iliac crest Heloury et al.

What are the advantages of thoracoscopy in the management of esophageal atresia and is thoracoscopy feasible in all types of atresia as for instance long-gap esophageal atresia? Could you please develop your surgical approach to biliary atresia classical Kasai procedure or hepaticojejunostomy?

Focus of the month. Focus on Laparoscopic Pediatric Surgery. How do you train surgeons without hands-on training on animals? Thoracoscopic treatment of esophageal atresia with long gap. The thoracoscopic treatment of esophageal atresia with long gap can be safely performed by experienced endoscopic surgeons.


Meckel’s diverticulum – Wikipedia

Until now, only a few reports have detailed an individual surgeon’s success with thoracoscopic repair of esophageal atresia. Allal presents the technical details and results in performing the long gap technique for esophageal atresia.

What did laparoscopy change in your therapeutic strategy in pediatric surgery? Bailez presents the indications of single port surgery in children. Benefits, indications and contraindications of this approach are discussed. How to reduce the learning curve?

In this key lecture, Dr.

Occlusion intestinale et diverticule de Meckel – EM|consulte

Azzie points out the issue of the learning curve for laparoscopic procedures and highlights the importance of simulation. The SIPS project simulation in pediatric surgery. Simulation in surgery seems to increase safety and efficiency in training. Haddad presents the SIPS project in pediatric surgery.