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She goes to great pains to explain the beauty of lovemaking and she finally goes her own way as she returns to the gods. This page was last edited on 23 Novemberat In fact, his anti-clerical satires, as well as his other controversial subjects, put his life in danger because he was considered such a secular freethinker.

Iraj Mirza – Wikipedia

ArefnamehWoman’s Picture in Persian: The key to Iraj’s success, as with Alexander Mira, is the urbanity of his wit, his self-deprecating humor, and sometimes the outlandishness of his arguments.

His praise never shaded into flattery. In other projects Wikimedia Commons. His artistic works have participated in several national and international film and theatre festivals in America, Europe, and his native Iran, and have gained him a ieaj of certificates and awards. Kennedy and Fulbright scholastic awards.


Iran this poem, Zohreh leaves the gods and comes to Earth, where she is overcome by the pleasing charm of Manouchehr in his armor. The religiously devout are offended because Iraj attacks the veil; he employs language that is considered obscene, mocks mullahs and sheiks, and praises drinking. In when Ahmad Ghavam Qavam os-Saltaneha governmental authority, was assigned to go to EuropeIraj was asked ifaj join him.

At 15, he was fluent in PersianFrenchArabic and Azerbaijani.

Kolliyat : Iraj Mirza : Free Download, Borrow, and Streaming : Internet Archive

He is particularly famous for his pederastic and satirical poetry. Iraj Mirza is a trickster, a magician, a philanderer; he’s a character out of Melville’s The Confidence Man.

Iraj Mirza’s Divan has been banned in Iran since the Revolution.

He was a modern poet and his works are associated with the criticism of traditions. Sign up for SPD e-newsletters Sign up.

At one time, Persian was a common cultural language of much of the non-Arabic Islamic world.

Retrieved from ” https: A valuable bilingual [Persian-English] resource for students as well as enthusiasts of Persian literature and history. He rejects her advances while Zohreh attempts her first seduction. The words Iraj uses are so exquisitely descriptive and lovely not only in its original Persian but also in translated versions.

Iraj Mirza

Although Iraj was one of the pioneers of the innovative movement in the Persian poetry, he never thought of abandoning the rules of the classic poetry. He also made translation of literary works from French into Persian.


He married at the age of fifteen, and by nineteen he had lost both his wife and his ifaj. Iranian poets Iranian satirists Iranian Azerbaijani poets People of the Persian Constitutional Revolution births deaths Qajar princes 19th-century Iranian people 20th-century Iranian people Iranian male poets Poets from Tabriz.

Vahshi Bafqi — ‘Orfi Shirazi.

Love Me More Than the Others: Selected Poetry of Iraj Mirza

Iraj Mirza is sure to surprise you if you only associate Persian poetry with the exalted, mystical works of Hafez, Rumi, and Attar. At this time, Iraj learned French and became very familiar with Russian too.

Iraj’s fluency in French and Russian and his trip to Europe deepened two of his unshakeable beliefs: Here Iraj tells the story based on the Greek myth of Venus and Adonis. EbleessMother in Persian: Iraj Mirza Jalalu’l-Mamalek was born in in Tabriz. Mira Me More Than the Others: His handwriting was very artistic and he was and still is considered as one of the famous calligraphers of Iran. Through Iraj, poetic language was enriched with many colloquial words and expressions.