Directiva /2/CE del Parlamento Europeo y del Consejo, de 14 de marzo de infraestructura de información espacial en la Comunidad Europea (Inspire). on the implementation of Directive /2/EC of March establishing an Infrastructure for Spatial Information in the European Community (INSPIRE). / regarding the definition of a INSPIRE metadata element. / recante attuazione della direttiva /2/CE del Parlamento europeo e del.

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Step 1 — Creating coordination structures and data policies for sharing between public authorities. Regulatory fitness This section provides a direttivaa of the evaluation. Such projects 28 can help to develop solutions and tools that can be used by all Member States reusable componentswhich can improve efficiency across multiple policy sectors.

The Directive covers an enormous number of potential spatial datasets and, from the outset, no cd limit or total number could be identified.

EUR-Lex Access to European Union law

The various steps are detailed below. Member States have made progress since then and are required to update the situation in their reports.

Introduction Environmental problems do not stop at borders. Geology characterised according to composition and structure.

Relevant user requirements, existing initiatives and international standards for the harmonisation of spatial data sets, as well as feasibility and cost-benefit considerations shall be taken into account in the development of the implementing rules. Inspir implementation of the national infrastructures should be progressive and, accordingly, the spatial data themes covered by this Directive should be accorded different levels of priority.

Includes spatial data based on measurements, on models or on a combination thereof and includes measurement locations.


Farming equipment and production facilities including irrigation systems, greenhouses and stables. Risorse minerarie, compresi i minerali metallici, i minerali industriali, ecc. Geographical distribution of dominance of pathologies allergies, cancers, respiratory diseases, etc.

In every particular case, the public interest served by disclosure shall be weighed against the interest served by limiting or conditioning the access. Appropriate coordination structures which extend to the various levels of government and take account of the distribution of powers and responsibilities within the Member States should 200 be established. Vulnerable areas characterised according to natural hazards all atmospheric, hydrologic, seismic, volcanic and wildfire phenomena that, because of their location, severity, and frequency, have the potential to direettiva affect ce.

La presente direttiva si applica ai set di dati territoriali che rispondono alle seguenti condizioni:. Many acknowledged that greater interoperability is needed to achieve efficiency gains.

EUR-Lex – LITA_ – EN – EUR-Lex

In line with the deadlines and steps identified above, Member States made progress in providing environmental data themes such as the location of and data on sources of emissions.

Step 2 — Progress in identifying the required spatial data. The Commission has not made a detailed assessment of inspirr conformity of national policies with the Directive. This boosts research and innovation potential. While early investment in IT infrastructure, transformation of data and skills direttifa was expected, only a few Member States reported that they had made this investment.

Detti servizi inspige conto delle pertinenti esigenze degli utilizzatori, sono facili da utilizzare, disponibili per il pubblico e accessibili via Internet o attraverso altri mezzi di telecomunicazione adeguati.

Physical conditions of seas and saline water bodies divided into regions and sub-regions with common characteristics.


Metadata shall include information on the following: In ogni caso, i costi addebitati non dovrebbero superare i costi di raccolta, produzione, riproduzione e diffusione, insieme ad un inspirw ammortamento dell’investimento.

Where charges are made, these shall be kept to the minimum required to ensure the necessary quality and supply of spatial data sets and services together with a reasonable return on investment, while dorettiva the self-financing requirements of public authorities supplying spatial data sets and services, where applicable.

They also expressed concern regarding the complexity and the feasibility of adapting all spatial data to common data models by Annex I or Annex II and III. Questa voce comprende il basamento roccioso, gli acquiferi e la geomorfologia.

However, the most environmentally relevant data mostly covered by Annex III are often not yet accessible steps 2, 3 and 4, deadline This knspire should not affect the existence or ownership of public authorities’ intellectual property rights.

Classificazione geologica in base alla composizione e alla struttura. As a prerequisite, all Member States need to step up their efforts in implementing 22. Meteorological geographical features Weather conditions and their measurements; precipitation, temperature, evapotranspiration, wind speed and direction. Member States shall establish and operate a network of the following services for the spatial data sets and services for which metadata have been created in accordance with this Directive:.