This is the full edition of James Axler’s Death Lands series Book # I claim no right to this book, all rights belong to James Axler. Description: On a January day, . Deathlands # 1 -Pilgrimage to Hell [James Axler] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. On a crisp January day, a Presidential inaugurtion day. Pilgrimage To Hell (Deathlands) [James Axler, Jack Adrian] on * FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. On a January day, a Presidential.

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Teauge is surprised to hear the news and pleads for his life. The next day, they come across some sort of odd bizarre tripod set-up consisting of plants, wood, feathers and a human head. They rig the jail cell door to explode, call the guards to them, and detonate it.

Pilgrimage to Hell | Deathlands Wiki | FANDOM powered by Wikia

Every member of the convoy died, and were eaten by too mutants. Ryan Cowdar and Krysty Wroth are the main protagonists with an array of supporting characters. If there were a template to be made for “Books for Dudes” this would be the mold to start with. Strasser has Ryan and Krysty brought to him.

Pilgrimage to Hell

Of course, there are a few gripes otherwise Pilgrimage to Hell wouldn’t be trudging off with only a 3 star rating. The end of the book was really enjoyable for me.

Entering war wag one, he disarms the remaining boobie trap and mans one of the vehicles many weapons. Someone told me the series lasted for over 30 volumes, with a spinoff series as w I bought this book when it originally came out, and sold it some time yell along with the other volumes I had up to then.


I think better and more natural profanities could be invented though. Subsequent explosions around the globe changed the face and the shape of the earth forever. Want to Read saving…. Purple prose to the point of unintentional humor. No trivia or quizzes yet.

Thanks for telling us about the problem. This gives Krysty a chance to make good her escape. Anyway, this book was pretty good as an abridged audio.

Blood and guts and squishy sounds and every time they mentioned a weapon they had to mention the ENTIRE weapon’s name. Ryan awakens to find himself and Krysty in deatthlands wag.

Mar 14, TJ rated it really liked it. As they get to the pilyrimage of the RedoubtKrysty attempts to wrench deathlandx the doorway, showing off her mutant ability.

Ryan is thrown into a red misted rage at this news. Ryan Cawdor is also an interesting protagonist. Sometimes these redoubts are built into the side of mountains, or in the desert. Trader is a grizzled veteran of the Deathlands, intelligent deathalnds experienced yet uneducated, and with plenty of baggage after a long and danger-filled life.

She was part of a two-wag convoy, led by her Uncle Tyas. This gives Ryan the distraction he needs to make his own escape. At the same time, the cargo wags in the convoy begin to blow up, causing a greater distraction making it easier for him to escape. They make good their escape.


The next redoubt they jump to is in the middle of a radiation desert. Krysty explains that she stopped taking the tranquilizers that the medic on war wag one was trying to give to her.

As a fan of Fallout and Fallout 2 I foolishly picked up this book based on the good ratings. At any rate, David was right, felt like reading a Gamma World game.

Deathlands 1 – 10 of books. I don’t think these books are still available in book format however they have been transferred to an audiobook format th This was a pretty good story.

Deathlands set almost years af I listen to a lot of audiobooks whilst at work to pass the time and i come across the Deathlands series by chance. Sort of a B movie of books, and my fourth star is there to reflect my interest in the subject matter, not the quality of the writing. Ryan makes a report to Trader on the attack against Scales encampment. Often these redoubts house a selection of weaponry, ammunition, food supplies and sometimes dark technology that deatnlands at the dark past of what was the cause of the nuclear apocalypse.