For hucksters, poker is a way of life. It’s not just a means of making a living ( although it can be mighty useful that way, too). No, it’s their gateway to the Hunting. The Deadlands Huckster plays poker with the Devil, and while he can cast as much as he wants, he runs the risk of getting hurt every time he. Hucksters & Hexes (Deadlands, PEG) [Shane Lacy Hensley] on Amazon. com. *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Hucksters draw their knowledge of.

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Hucksster range is also five times better than Earshot or Private Eye. Groom cleans all the dirt and dust off you, for example. Draw can give you actions, Hex Sense, disrupt and foil mean you can cancel out a fair bit of badness, and Achilles Heel means you can figure out what the rest of the party needs to do to disrupt a baddie.

For the duration of the spell, despite their appearance, the target has all of their Wounds recovered, the Improved Nerves of Steel, and draw a card each round to become a Harrowed. This is one of the only instances where the game explicitly allows two arcane backgrounds to be mixed with eachother.

Includes a deadpands clmbing skill too deaflands but if up is the way you need to go the Raven has that covered.

Furthermore this has a speed of two, needs a 2 pair activation, and costs you a huckstet per round while you have it up. Since Soul Blast passes through objects, you may think that this would be useful to cover breaking objects.


Huckster Hexes

Huckster is having bad luck with the rolls combined with the draws. A clever hex, you just need to be drawing a lot of cards to get the most out of it. Thus with some creativity and planning, you can assassinate your targets or wound them with little chance of getting caught.

Sign up or log in Sign up using Google. With a duration of concentration, this is definitely a support spell, but a mighty support spell it is. This hex causes local plants swing to attack designated targets in a Medium Burst Temple large Burst Template for 2 extra Power Points with damage based on flora density.

Since the hand determines the number of animals you can control and not the type, if you can track down a Grizzly Bear, you get a Grizzly Bear.


Lets you see the past on the other side of glass. The image is completely identical to the caster at the time of the casting requiring a Notice roll 2 bonus if within 1″ to make out a faint shimmering around the illusion.

Hexes are full powers that when take count as a Power. The only downside is the telling faintly visible eyes that float around you — kind of making it hard to hide your magic nature. But the speed is 1 minute, you need some kind of material to work with, AND the duration is 1d4 wind per round. This is a support spell folks! Make sure to keep them friendly-like. Another good idea stifled by the stats of the spell. I’ve only finished reading half of this one but I can see the ton of hard work that went into it and I am very grateful you did it!


S Shadow Walk Teleport: This also has a huge range — yards for a rank 5 hexslinger. Do you have any rabbits’ feet? Novice Power; Power Points: To cast the spell, the huckster must make an opposed Hexslinging vs. The iconic part about all this is that the player actually makes a poker draw—against a Fair 5 TN challenge, the Huckster gets to draw 5 cards, and make the best poker hand possible, gaining more cards from Raises. Two pair albeit more rare lets you shoot them in the head, over and over again.

Great for spyin’ all quiet like. The double must remain within the Range of the hex or disappear, but can other wise move freely and independently of the hexslinger.

Huckster – Weird West

From a Hucckster perspective, languages are super cheap — at least language 1 is. The Target must make a Guts roll with a -2 -4 with a Raise. So, now that your Marshal has set the bare difficulties required to get extra cards… what do you roll to get them? Also lets you climb the impossible.