I install SP3 on Windows XP Professional and when I try to export to PDF (Crystal Report ) ‘crpedll’ v (%windir%\System32). Crystal Reports CRPEDLL. I posted this elsewhere in response to are only using SOME of the new export DLLs, with the ancient engine!. What are the Crystal Report runtime DLL files should i > install? can Report version , which uses CRPEdll. Export destination dlls.

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I’m at my wits end, trying to get a valid build of a legacy app running reports under Crystal 8. I’ve scoured google for days, and I’ve tried almost everything people have suggested.

Solvusoft: Microsoft Gold Certified Company

At the moment I’ve got the installer working, it installs and registers all the crystal dll’s that everyone says are needed. However, when I crpe32.dll and and export a report to RTF or PDF other options like excel work fineit simply dies, doing basically nothing. The save to disk dialog just closes and nothing happens.


However, the only machine in our office that this will work on is one with a C: Same kind of test indicates that on this machine, the expodt file is being used for exporting. So, where am I going wrong?

It seems ludicrously difficult to find a straight, no-nonsense guide on how to deploy crystal reports 8. What is the easiest way to do this?

How To Fix Crpedll is Missing / Not Found Error

I have tried several third-party options http: Ok so here’s a further breakdown with some more information; hoping it might help someone to come up with an answer If I install a crystal “distributable”, like the one linked above, and then install my project with all crystal stuff turned off in the installereverything works perfectly apart from exporting reports exporrt rtf.

If I make my own installer, following the Runtime. Again, more info – I just checked out the PC’s already in deployment we had to re-do in the installer for some changes, the guys who did it originally aren’t around anymoreand here is a list of the dll’s installed on the machine.

And how can I replicate it? I’m not sure if I grabbed all the required DLL’s from the client machine, as it didn’t seem to follow the Crystal 8. So I can’t just use what I’ve got to create an installer and hope that it works How do you determine what Dells to deploy?


The VB 6 Deployment Wiz, uses.

DEPT files – craxdrt. Look at the content of those files and see if you can mimic that with the Visual Studio installer. Else, use the VB 6 Wiz. One gives me “Error The other gives me “Error N”, whenever I try and run a report.

Anything sound familiar here guys?

deploying crystal reports – error in exporting to RTF & PDF

I have crpe32.rll dependency headache. Former Member January 12, at Not what you were looking for? View more on this topic or Ask a question.