Buy Crestron Pro2 Professional Dual Bus Audio Video Control System: Video Projector Accessories – ✓ FREE DELIVERY possible on eligible. The Crestron flagship PRO2 is designed for medium to large-scale commercial and residential control applications. Six built-in COM ports, eight IR/Serial ports. Crestron AV2 & PRO2. 2-Series Integrated Dual Bus Control System. Contents. 2 -Series Integrated Dual Bus Control System: AV2 & PRO2. 1. Introduction.

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AVS Forum articles Contests. Sigh, my Crestron setup has been rock solid for 5 years but now the Pro2 will not power up. Are there any fuses or something simple? If not, should I replace it with used unit or send in for repair?

Or just upgrade to series 3? I acquired the unit when I purchased the house so I do not have any receipts or know who the original equipment was sold from. I had it reprogrammed by a caip. The lighting zones in the theater are Crestron so it is my only real option unless I have lighting rewired. Sounds like the internal power supply died. Crestron can also repair the internal power supply as well.

Do you still have the contact info for the CAIP? Can you get the original program? How many zones of lighting? Originally Posted by SweetSpot.

I wonder what they charge to replace the power supply? Used units are dirt cheap on fleabay but then have to pay to reinstall the files and who knows what condition they are really in.


Yes, I have the files. Emailed and called the caip but haven’t heard back. There are 8 lighting zones in the theater. I didn’t think the pro2 could use cresnet power crestrom I could be mistaken. Crestro doing power calcs that’s listed as having 50w available, I thought.

If it can be, then you just need a 75w power supply and you’re all set. You don’t need a caip to install the files I wouldn’t give up too quickly on your hardware, unless you really want a change.

It’s designed to be serviced and last a good long while.

But if you want something different, go for it. Though if WAF is high, and your sports crdstron stories are critical, then hire someone.


You can get pretty close, though, with DIY, if you put crestfon time and effort into it. Crestron is in an odd place now. They’re releasing software that provides for very easy installs, with very simple programming, that may not provide the installer with much margin – for basic installs. I haven’t gotten my head wrapped around it myself, yet, hard to understand the business model.

Crestron PRO2 Professional Control System Processor | eBay

Not sure I understand the concept behind Pyng either, especially with it lacking inherent av integration. I wonder if it could control Crestron panelized lighting?

Still trying to work through what to do.

I do like the stability of our system but our touch panels are quite old and while ipad gui is clean, it is nothing fancy. Upgrading to series 3 and new program is probably outside of my budget even if I cresrton and install myself and hire a programmer.


Crestron PRO2 Control System Processor

For a fraction of the cost, I could upgrade to Control4. I really like the Rhapsody, Pandora and Apple integration available with Control4 as we currently are doing the 2 app solution with Crestron. It would also allow me to integrate the Radiora2 install I just finished. I hadnt proceeded with that on the Crestron system due to programming cost.

At least locally, the small and mid size installs seem to be mostly Control4 with Crestron reserved for the 20k sq ft home installs though even some of those are Control4 now. DIY would be great if I had more time. Really, the most I have done with Crestron is the hardware install and using toolbox to upload files. Otw, I don’t even have the software. Anyways, just kind of thinking out loud so thanks for the suggestion.

You neuro guys are much smarter the us bone rads!

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