According to Gerald Graff, the problem in education is not that students are increasingly anti-intellectual, as is often lamented, but that they simply cannot fathom. NOVEMBER Clueless in Academe: How Schooling Obscures the Life of the Mind by Gerald Graff. New Haven, CT: Yale University Press, Clueless in Academe: An Interview with Gerald Graff. John Warner. Virginia Tech University. A common scene: In class, I ask for a student to summarize the.

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Left clueless in the academic world, many students view the life of the mind as a secret society for which only an elite few qualify. This is a really interesting perspective on the collaborative conversations that need to take ij in academe in order to show students the interconnectivity of all learning. Available to borrow from Laren Hammonds.

I found this book honest, open, bracing and brilliant. Kimberly rated it really liked it Apr 27, It has greatly helped me feel better about what’s ahead of me. He believes that his role as a teacher and author of this booktherefore, is to “demystify the club” of academics and intellectuals, break up its exclusivity and help students enter.

It reveals secrets about that topic that I haven’t seen anywhere else. It would be good for high school teachers to read because it will help illustrate what they’re preparing their students for. Oct 02, Scott Lee rated it it was amazing. Book ratings by Goodreads. Part II presents opposing intellectual views about the nature and value of argument and analysis in academe, and in so doing, establishes the intellectual conversation within which this book is situated.

Graff’s view of what education needs to do in order to stay relevant and be more attractive to students is interesting and revealing. It reveals a lot of secrets about how admissions offices really view essays.


This book kind of tells them their rights as students. Description Gerald Graff argues that our schools and colleges make the intellectual life seem more opaque, narrowly specialized, and beyond normal learning capacities than it is or needs to be.

Clueless in Academe: How Schooling Obscures the Life of the Mind

Michael Clounie rated it really liked it Feb 01, I’ll just go find something else for my whole life to be about We use cookies to give you the best possible experience. Still, Graff is not writing a book meant to build in all the answers, but rather a book that starts the conversation – why is there a sense of division between the student and the professor which makes education as a field seem isolated, insular, and unobtainable – in a culture where diverse crowds often experience “impostor syndrome” or find that the field seems too obscured or clueelss to admit them as members, what needs to happen in education?

Graff has some radical notions about changing educational institutions. Nov 01, Mickey rated it really liked it.

I’ve felt that way since “meeting” Gerald Graff in graduate school. Return to Book Page. Forged from a partnership between a university press and a library, Project MUSE is a trusted part of the academic and scholarly academme it serves. While Cluelesz don’t agree with all his points I hate the argument templates, for instanceI think he does a good job of pointing out some reasons why academia is considered to be so obscure and refuting those claims.

This is by far the best assigned reading I’ve done for this class.

Clueless in Academe : How Schooling Obscures the Life of the Mind

Journal of College Student Development. He then provides practical suggestions for guiding students in their academic writing, such as using students’ nonacademic interests or “hidden intellectualism” as contexts for developing their skills of academic discourse. How cluelezs develop a logical and applicable argument in the academic world?


And it cluless all of this while recognizing that intelligent readers may disagree, and that there is room for that disagreement.

Students should be taught to argue and use the language of the acadamy, but we should make sure that this language is used to make real points.

Clueless in Academe : Gerald Graff :

In the wake of theory, in the wake of feminism, post-colonial criticism and all the rest, what is a liberal arts education supposed to be about? More still, I walked acaddme from this book with a number of concrete strategies that I hope to employ in future courses. We Christy Karnes, Jon Bennett, Matt Bart, and I had a great discussion yesterday regarding Graff’s ideas about using pop culture in academic settings.

Anyone who is a teacher, or anyone working on a Ph.

Lists with This Book. For example, he says that even if an essay is well-written, cerebral, and on an esoteric topic, Graff says that the student won’t get accepted because they didn’t let the essay speak for them as a human being. Why should this even matter to most students? Open Preview See a Problem? Our schools and colleges often make the intellectual life seem more impenetrable, narrowly specialized, and inaccessible than it is or needs to be, argues this eminent scholar and educator, whose provocative book offers a wealth of practical suggestions for making the culture of ideas and arguments more readily understandable.

Jan 09, Vanessa rated it really liked it Shelves: