Become a part of the Cisco Live community to enhance your skills though global in-person events, live webcasts, and on-demand training focused on Cisco. December 12, Cisco’s Connected World Technology Report reveals the Internet habits of Gen Y The Network week in review: Dec Dec About Cisco Live. Cisco’s annual customer and partner conference is the premier event for the education and inspiration you need to thrive in the world of digital.

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I learned quite a bit cicso different topics in the data center management industry and also uncovered an excellent solution for enterprise asset management, which I invite you to take a look at by clicking hereReply. Wednesday is the day of the customer appreciation event, the big party! After all, this is a man with the same Star Trek lineage as Shatner. Join the Conversation Cancel Reply Will not be published. Now if he agreed to attend Cisco Live as Sheldon Cooper that would be awesome.

To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: Services were good and staff was helpful! Wednesday Again a day full of great technical sessions. disco

Plus over the holiday break I saw Parsons co-hosting on Live with Kelly and it was unimpressive. This site uses cookies. Work Cisco live networkers San Diego. Missing that was a huge disappointment.


I still had a great day and learnt a lot. The closing keynote was simply awesome! Johnny Galeckiwho portrays Leonard Hofstadter, PhD, is more of the straight guy, like Jerry Seinfeld, and a slightly less popular character.

Awesome overview of the event. I knew some big name event planner was probably reading my blog. If they did book Ms.

2012 Cisco Connected World Technology Report – It’s Here!

Leave a Reply Cancel reply. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Kellen C 7 years ago Reply. Yes, I netwokers a lot of Conan. The social aspect of this event is one of the things that makes it so good! I learnt a lot during the Datacenter QoS session, and most of all about the questions you are able to ask during the sessions.

So there you have it, my own personal Cisco Live keynote speaker wish list. Of course the geekiest show on TV has a wealth of potential Cisco Live keynote speakers.

My Cisco Live Keynote Speaker Wish List | Global Knowledge Blog

I guess this is related as the SP customers are considered important customers and get a lot more attention from Cisco people, so they already know what to expect in terms of roadmap and technologies.

During the end of the afternoon the World of Solutions WoS opened up and the first night is sponsored with free drinks and food by all event sponsors.

Summary Thank you Cisco and all the people I met and saw again for this amazing week! Plus, Galecki could give us the scoop on working with Jim Parsons. I do love the ease he plays himself on a show about him playing a character on another show. I took a session of 8 hours about IP Fast Convergence.


Cisco live networkers San Diego. When it comes to geek humor, Tina Fey has it going on for sure.

The History of Cisco Live | The Network

Will not be published. Needless to say, I was excited. This year it was held in San Diego, California. I really loved the session and I learnt quite some details about when and where to apply certain technologies.

We will meet again!! Rick Mur Limitless Networking. Thursday On the last day I was starting to feel the muscles in my body complaining about all the walking and the few hours of sleep during the week.

Shatner probably surprised folks last year with his compelling advice at the main event of a company in transition. Kellen C — you called! Tuesday Again cizco couple great sessions during the day and I had the pleasure of talking to a couple of friends in the certifications lounge on the WoS floor.