ITC e-Choupal and Saagar. 1. ITC – e ChoupalA Comparative Study; 2. E – Choupal (June ) An initiative of ITC Limited to link directly. ITC Choupal Saagar in Itarsi is a top company in the category Supermarkets, also known for Coconut Retailers, Betel Nut Retailers, Mixed Pickle Retailers. Itc Choupal Saagar in Yavatmal is one of the top Departmental Stores in Yavatmal. Visit Justdial for Address, Contact Number, Reviews & Ratings, Photos , Maps.

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But first, a look at how this place came up next to the warehouse. Find out all our outfits and find the perfect look for you!

ITC unveils Choupal Sagar expansion plan

That is because the building is actually a sprawling warehouse for storing the farm produce that ITC buys through its e-chaupals. A new shopping experience for the rural folk in Rafiqganj IN Madhya Pradesh, all roads lead to potholes.

Receive personalized mails in your mail box. TVS is also doing something similar. And then, just as we are about to pack up and leave, a group of village women descend on the store.

A lot is riding chhoupal how well ITC has gauged the rural consumer’s buying patterns. Other companies are similarly gung-ho. Examining the FMCGs, then the cooking utensils, the refrigerators, the chouapl, and so on. Experience the app in your own language. Select Year And while it has opted for self service, stocking its merchandise on shelves lining the neat aisles, it stocks a breadth of products no supermarket can.


Products unlimited The rural mall sells everything from fertilisers and hair oil to mixer-grinders and tractors This time around, ITC is hoping to capture the rural folks’ out-of-village shopping. Choupal Saagar App is your companion to know promotions, offers, celebrations, contests, activities, fresh arrivals, etc.

It works like this. Products unlimited The rural mall sells everything from fertilisers and hair oil to mixer-grinders and tractors. A petrol pump is coming up as well. Despite that, over the past month, a string of senior corporate executives from FMCG and durable companies alike have been making a car-rattling, bone-jarring odd kilometres journey from Bhopal towards Sehore. We are available on phone number provided or you can send us the mail directly from app.

ITC unveils Choupal Sagar expansion plan | Business Standard News

Sxgar, it plans to similarly create revenue streams around its warehouses. It is this cream, blue and green edifice that is attracting all the attention.

This is generating awareness, says the company’s deputy general manager, N. In the past two decades a lot of emphasis has been given to the technological developments in the agricultural sector, in order to raise the standard of living and the zagar of the produce of farmers.

Website optimised for IE 7. We will look at this part of the equation in greater detail later.

But the farmers will come here only after every harvest. Interarch Building Products Pvt Ltd has been instrumental in the creation of many rural retail projectsacross the country.

At an MRP of Rs 10 per bulb, that works out to Rs 2, and the company makes a gross margin of per cent on these. Enjoy the biggest Second Hand e-shop in Europe on the go! The success of Choupal Sagar has heralded a new era in the Indian agro-sector. Another four-odd kilometres beyond the town, just before the village of Rafiqganj, stands a freshly painted long, squat building that looks like a hangar.


On their part, the sanchalaks either sell the goods directly, or, more often, sell them to the village’s shopkeepers. And that the women aren’t allowed to go out? According sagxr BW sources, so far, the store has done OK.

Then, plots of land have been earmarked to display large agricultural machinery like threshers. A new shopping experience for the rural folk in Rafiqganj. Costing another Rs 50, that would blow a hole in his economics. See, decide, make a wish list of the products that you want to choupak and drop into your favorite Choupal Saagar for your buying requirements.

Now, by setting up the mall next to the warehouse, ITC is trying to monetise the footfalls from farmers.

Mind you, ITC has solved one of the biggest bugbears Indian rural marketers face. Get yourself registered for real experience of app. It was soft-launched on 15 August. Inside, a few men are walking around. Riding on its own distribution network, it had reached all Indian villages with a population of 20, but could not go any deeper.

They just sat dormant.