Préampli-Processeur CHORD DSP R VENDU TRÈS RARE! Préampli processeur exceptionnel en HC et, fait beaucoup plus rare. Chord dsp r preamp / surround controller, boxed. CHORD DSP R preamp/ surround controller. with dts and dolby 2 surround. Introduction The Chord DSP forms the centre of a High -End cinema and audio system. The DSP decodes Dolby Digital, DTS and DTS-ES and has the.

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Chord learning remote cont rol 2. Balanced connections provide a better quality audio signal than unbalanced connections.

Used chord dsp for Sale |

PL II Width This control allows centre-channel sounds to be positioned between the centre speaker and the left -right speakers over a range of eight steps. The remote control main menu screen is shown in the diagram below. This is to ensure that there will always be an audio signal present at the record outputs when using an analogue tape recorder.

You chorc use this function to avoid sudden peaks in the sound volume without losing any of the detail. The microphone is used for the auto-calibration functions of the DSP Enhanced bass If you wish to add more bass to your system, you can use the Enhanced bass function.

If this is the case please ensure that: This setting overrides the Treble setting in the Dsp8000d Setup. As digital signals they are then ready to be decoded or post-processed by the processor. Balanced inputs carry twice the strength of signal of unbalanced inputs and are able to be fed down long lengths of cable with less deterioration of signal.

Press this button to move upwards through the sub menus within the set up menus. L, R Pro Logic?


After pressing ENTER then you can change cycle through the available letters, symbols and numbers with the front panel cursor up? Subwoofer This setting allows you to control the level of the subwoofer speaker for the selected preset. For choed you may wish to use this connection to feed a display device located in another room. Instead, they are redirected to the front large speakers or the subwoofer if present.

Determine whether a digital audio input is used? Press the ESC LCD touch pad or front panel button if you wish to keep the previous gain settings Component video Cgord setting allows you to assign a component video input signal to the selected source. Bass signals are not sent to any speakers that are defined as small. Pressing this button will also un -mute the outputs if they are muted to prevent a sudden increase in volume from dwp8000r any damage to you loudspeakers or your ears.

There are two main types of audio connections on the DSP ; analogue audio connections and digital audio xhord. The audio can be delayed by up to ms up to a sample rate of 48kHz and 0 — 70ms at up to 96kHz in single millisecond steps. Precautions must be taken to prevent accidental contact with power-line potentials. The selected digital source signal is fed to this output as a digital audio optical signal.

This is not possible whilst you are the level set-up of the set-up dwp8000r. This processing mode offers a natural sound with no reverb added. When you lift the flap, a set of white LEDs will illuminate to light the connectors. There are 11 source devices to select in total. The interconnecting cables you use will depend on the available input and output sockets on your other equipment.

DSP 8000 AV Processor

Turning the tape monitor on will allow you to listen to the signal at this input. The trigger output is activated when a composite video input signal is detected SVideo The trigger output is activated when a SVideo input signal is detected VidSign The trigger output is activated when either a SVideo or composite video input signal is detected Vidsrc The trigger output is activated when any video source is selected Audiosrc The trigger output is activated when any chlrd source is selected Trigger 1 polarity This setting is used to determine the polarity of the trigger when it is activated.


We recommend that an earthing method for your building be implemented.

Analogue Monitor This is a link to a special screen, that is available on the on screen display chodd, where you can adjust the analogue sensitivity gain setting. Level autocalibration must be executed first to get more accurate results with subwoofer distance.

吏„?•?œ ?„濡œ GLV – Create arts through technology!

A BNC converter module is available on request. The preset set -up defines the parameters of each choord and allows control over the following levels: This display is also used to show the current menu and selected sub-menu whilst the set -up menus are activated. Allows direct level calibration using the supplied microphone.

The setting will be overridden if you use a Preset setting for an input. Manufactured under license from Digital Theatre Systems, Inc. The remote control has a backlit LCD touch screen and 8 mechanical buttons. When the buttons are locked they will not work if you press them.