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Which two events will occur following link failure between R2 and R3?

The retrieved password should be the same password the remote. Link-local addresses can be configured for an interface either automatically or manually.

Consider the following sample output of the show ip ospf database asbr-summary command: By configuring one with a lower cost than the other, it will become the preferred 030-101 point. Site-local addresses are IPv6 equivalent addresses to IPv4’s private address classes.

The MED, or multi-exit discriminator, specifies the route into an AS that has more than one entry points. The access server then encrypts the concatenated information with.

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You need to manually assign IPv6 addresses to the interfaces on an IPv6-enabled router. The CHAP packet requests or “challenges” the remote device to respond. You could also set the default costs to values that are close to achieve better load balancing.

You should not create a loopback address on the router.

B The only path is entered in the routing table as a result of the unequal load balancing configured on the routers: C The correct answer is area 1 default-cost The total delay and the corresponding metric for the three best paths are given as follows: Which two actions can you take to provide enhanced logging results? The default is The correct syntax for the area stub command is shown below: Which type of remote access did the engineer enable? The following conditions exist: These addresses are available only within a site cerfkiller an intranet, which typically is made of several network links.


Specifies the export destinations and ports.

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You have configured this router certkilller perform mutual redistribution between the two protocols. When you ask your assistant what commands were executed, you are shown the following: This option creates a totally stubby area. The correct syntax for the area default-cost command is shown below: When the access server receives the response, it uses the name it received to retrieve.

Since a loopback interface cannot go down, it provides the advantage of keeping certkiler route in the tables even if the physical interface that services the route goes down.


The formula for arriving at the cost is: The command would not result in the cost of the Serial interface increasing to 20 or to By default, Cisco devices Log error messages of severity levels 0 through 4 emergency, alert, critical, error, and warning levels ; in other words, “saving level warnings or higher.

This can aid in. The default default-cost is 1. Refer certkkiller the exhibit.

Link-local addresses vertkiller IPv6 unicast addresses that are configured on the interfaces of an IPv6-enabled router. B All routers within a stub area must be configured as stub, or adjacencies will not form. Come to Exambible soon and find the most advanced, correct and guaranteed Cisco practice questions. R2 will not send any advertisements and will remove route Follow us on Twitter. The path with the lowest metric, which is delay in this scenario, is the shortest path, and is therefore entered automatically in the routing table.


Which line in the output indicates that the send queue is full and export packets are cerrtkiller being sent? However, the bgp default local-preference 50 command was executed for all three routes.

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The process IDs are correct in the original scenario, and the command was executed in the correct context. In addition, these addresses cerkiller in the neighbor discovery protocol and the stateless auto-configuration process.

After doing this, the user is able to access company shares. To solve this problem, you can create a static route to the major classful network Under normal circumstances, if routing updates are sourced from a physical interface and the interface goes down, the route will be removed from the routing tables. When the remote device. You are the network administrator for a large software organization.

Which action should the administrator take before troubleshooting the IPsec configuration? The auto-cost reference bandwidth command is executed in router OSPF mode to affect all interfaces. The benefit of using CHAP authentication is that the remote device’s password is never.