Free Essay: Carpini’s History of the Tartars is a well organized and meticulous report on the Mongol Empire that is told from the perspective of Giovanni. In John of Plano Carpini (Pian del Carpine) and Benedict the Pole, . We came to a certain town which was under the direct rule of the Tartars and is. This journey is recounted by Friar John in his work, History of the Mongols. Genghis Khan divided his Tartars by captains of ten, captains of a hundred, and.

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Story Of The Mongols Whom We Call The Tartars

They told us that if we took into Tartary the horses which we had, they would all die, for the snows were deep, and they did not know how to dig out the grass from under the snow like Tartar horses, nor could anything else be found on the way for them to eat, for the Tartars had neither straw nor hay nor fodder.

They put gistory rope through the many loops on the edge of this, draw it together like a purse, and so bring it into the round form of a ball, which leather they fill with their garments and other necessaries, trussing it up most strongly. Want to Read saving…. We can notify you when this item is back in stock. Donald Steiny rated it it was amazing Feb 08, They beat out many thin plates a finger broad, and a hand long, and making in every one of them eight little holes, they lace taetars three strong and straight leather thongs.

And, as it has already been said of the Tartars, crapini must histoory their bands and troops in an orderly manner, and ordain laws for their soldiers.

It perhaps goes without saying the Great Khan refused the Pope’s invitation to convert to Christianity, and instead directed the Pope to come and submit to him. The first Rus capital. Retrieved December 31, from Encyclopedia.

Leaving this place, we came to another where there was a wonderful tent, all of red purple, a present of the Kitayans. For the Tartar fights more by cunning than by main force. It is probably the best treatment of a cultural study done by any Christian writer of that era. Giovanni da Pian del Carpini Travels to Mongolia Overview The Mongols are often remembered as ruthless and hstory nomads who would let nothing stand in their way thee the height of their power.

Along all this part of the route we travelled very fast, for our Tartars had fhe ordered to take us quickly to the solemn court which had already been convened for several years for the election of an emperor, so that we might be present at it. At the time of his appointment, Carpini was “provincial” of Germany stationed at Cologne. The term Mongol is sometimes confusing because at one time it was erroneously used as a racial characterization.


Having entered then we said what we had to say on bended knees, and then we presented him the letters of the Popeand requested that interpreters be given us able to translate them. Two versions of the Ystoria Mongalorum are known to exist: Pope Innocent IV saw this as an important mission and selected Giovanni da Pian del Carpini, who was already more than 60 years of age, as its leader. Carpini’s book discredited much of the folklore associated with the Mongols at that time.

April Learn how and when to remove this template message. Duke Conrad, the Duchess of Cracow,’ some knights and the bishop of Cracow, hearing of this, gave us some more of these skins. He then met with Batu and presented him with gifts. John of Plano Carpini.

Giovanni Da Pian Del Carpini | Franciscan author |

And he told us hte if we wanted to go to them we must have rich presents to give them, for they tqrtars in the habit of asking for them most importunately, and if they were not given them and this is quite truean ambassador could not conduct his business satisfactorily with them; and that furthermore he was looked upon as a mere nothings.

He died, according to the Franciscan Martyrology and other authorities, on 1 August Second, he wanted to gain reliable information regarding the size and condition of the Mongol armies historg addition to finding out what they were planning in the future.

We replied that the Lord Pope had not sent any presents, for he was not sure we could reach them ; and that furthermore we had had to pass through very dangerous places, exposed to the Lithuanians, who make raids along the roads from Poland to near the Tartars, over which we had had to travel; but nevertheless with what we were carrying with us, by the grace of God and of our Lord the Pope, and for our personal use, we would show him our respect as well as we could.

When they make their arrowheads, they must, according to the Tartars’ custom, dip them red-hot into salt water, that they may be strong enough to pierce the enemies’ armour.

When they join battle against any other nation, unless they do all consent to retreat, every man who deserts is put to death. On the shore of this lake was a little hill, in where there is said to be an opening, whence in winter there issue out such great tempests of wind that people can barely and at great.

The others who had been given us by Corenza led us in six days from the last camp to Kiew. It is difficult to separate the historical facts from propaganda, but a Westerner named Giovanni da Pian del Carpini wrote an excellent firsthand account of the Mongols called History of the Mongols Whom We Call the Tartars Moreover, if the Tartars draw homeward, our men must not therefore depart and break up their bands, or separate themselves; because they do this also upon policy, namely, to have our army divided, that they may more securely in—vade and waste the country.


This mission had multiple goals. In his report, Carpini seemed confident that they could convert the Mongols to Christianity despite the contents of the letter. Home Contact Us Help Free delivery worldwide. Then they tie the plates to the thongs, with other small and slender thongs, drawn through the holes, and in the upper part, on each side, they fasten one small doubled thong, that the plates may firmly be knit together.

Western Europeans lived in great fear of the Mongols in the thirteenth century.

Seeing that we would not otherwise be able to go farther, we promised to give him some presents, but when we gave him what appeared to us suitable, he refused to receive them unless we gave more; and so we had to add to them according to his will, and something besides he subtracted from us deceitfully and maliciously. On the first day they were all dressed in white purple; on the second day, and then it was that Cuyuc came to the tent, they were dressed in red purple ; on the third day they were all in blue purple, and on the fourth day in the finest baldakins.

Giovanni da Pian del Carpine

Internet URLs are the best. The Khan did not carpii the expedition until November. They are most efficient in wars, having been in conflict with other nations for the space of these forty-two years. The story of the Mongols whom we call the Tartars. There was a high platform of boards in it, on which was the Emperor’s throne and the throne was of ebony, wonderfully hitory and there were also on it gold, and precious stones, and, if I remember rightly, pearls ; and one went up to it by steps,and it was rounded behind.

Ashley marked it as to-read Apr 17, We went for many days along the shore of this sea, which on account of the ice was very dangerous in several places; for it freezes along the coast quite three leagues out.

In addition, the invaders laid waste to the land like no other force in history.