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I or equivalent examination passed or B. The course makes an effort for acquainting the students with the emerging issues in business, trade and commerce regarding analyzing business facts. Copis of the Judgements in the WP No.

As per the mandate of section 19 5 of the RTI Act,onus was put upon the respondent to show cause that the information sought is exempted from disclosure. It is further averred that the DPR being the guiding document of the respective project contains nitty- gritty of project development and hence it is confidential document.

Advantages of the course: The appeals are allowed in part. Yashovardhan Azad Information Commissioner Authenticated true copy. However, the Commission is apprised that the Executive Summary Environmental study for aforesaid project can be accessed at http: It may kindly be appreciated that a plain reading of the narration on litigation submitted hereinabove and a plain reading of the above referred annexures would luminously make it clear that the Appellant has the copies of DPRs’ in his possession and that he once again sought copies of the same from the Respondent.

The 3rd party interveners apprise the Commission that the hydro projects in question have withstood many rounds of protracted litigation. Tehno Economic Concurrence TEC Planning and appraisal of a hydro electric project is a highly specialised task that requires detailed analysis of various integrated operational studies, power potential studies, storage hydro schemes, determination of installed capacity and preparation of detail project reports DPRs.

Feeling aggrieved with the FAO the appellant preferred the present statutory second appeals. The same reads as:. Whereas, copyright is a narrower phenomena and a sub species; the term Intellectual property refers to any work of intellect. Quartiles, Properties of Arithmetic Mean without proof. To boost quantitative thinking and develop numerical abilities.


He will be able to decide policies of business firms.

Business Statistics By Bharat Jhunjhunwala

Counsel for appellant doesn’t dispute the broad factual matrix as averred by the third party intervener. It is vehemently argued by the 3rd party interveners that disclosure of DPR would necessarily result it into losing competitive edge over other competing developers. The Oxford English Dictionary, 12th ed. You have no obligation to purchase the jjunjhunwala once you know the price.

The CA Digest : Questions and Answers in Statistics for CA PE-I (English) 1st Edition (Paperback)

Since the present appeals involve common questions of fact as well as law, they are being taken up together for disposal. After considering the pleadings, the Hon’ble High Court had directed the Ministry of Environment and Forests, Government of India “MoEF” to look into the bbusiness and give its ‘Specific Decision’ as to the validity and legality of the ECs’ accorded to the project with its original as well as revised parameters. Classification and Tabulation 3.

The project developers-interveners are required to submit Detailed Project Report of proposed hydro bsuiness by the operation of provisions of Electricity Act Information shall be furnished free of cost within 2 weeks of receipt of this order. Arihant Satistics in One Series. It is pertinent to mention here that a DPR is creation of respective project developers and made available to CEA for obtaining statutory clearances under the Electricity Act Please refer to your RTI application no.

The information contained in Executive summary of DPR of a project reflects much more than what a reasonably prudent citizen would wish to know.

Buslness objective of this course is to impart knowledge to students to improve their logical reasoning ability and interpretation of various business results.

Relation between Correlation coefficient and Regression coefficients. To give stress on an analytical approach of the subject matter. The project developers, who are arrayed as Interveners before the Commission, objected to the proposed disclosure of the information on various grounds.

Therefore, juhnjhunwala purpose for which the information was sought by the Appellant got frustrated and as such, there cannot be any overreaching impact on the public interest if in case the present Appeal is dismissed, as pleaded by the Appellant.


The Right to Information is a special code which is exhaustive and self reliant. Affected people have the right to know what is the approved capacity, design and nature of the project especially in view of the disaster in Uttarakhand in June The Hon’ble High Court had upheld the contentions of the Appellant herein and directed the MoEF to conduct public hearing in accordance with law prescribed under EIA Notification of the year and as per the amendments carried to it in the year Special Price Rs I am left with no doubt that DPRs under reference not only contain information of commercial confidence, but also fall within the expression intellectual property and thus the exemption claimed under Section 8 1 d is held to be tenable.

The basic purpose of this paper is to familiarize the students with basic concepts of Statistics in Business and a hands on practice of the various statistical techniques. To enhance quantitative thinking and build up numerical abilities.

Business Statistics (B.Com), 1/e

For more books visit https: On successful completion of this syllabi student will be able to get well acquainted with the fundamentals of Statistics. To improve their logical reasoning ability and interpretation of various statistical results. Another limb of contention advanced by the learned counsel for appellant is that the execution of Hydro electric project is a public function which is out sourced to a private developer and thus a document related to discharge of public function cannot be kept under wraps.

Section 74 empowers the CEA to require data from a generating company:. To inculcate an analytical approach to the subject matter. Once it is established that information is either available or accessible by a public authority, the same is mandated to be disclosed.