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If you continue to make donations, you will remain full. Om shanti Like Like. Only you Brahmin children have this spiritual love. Date 31 December Some have one type of burden and others have another type of burden.

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They remain happy in their huts. There is pleasure in remaining light. Therefore, since the Father has taught you the easy account of the point, any bondage of the body has ended. There is just the one Flame; where else can they go? Souls are never destroyed, but they definitely do have to become satopradhan from tamopradhan once again. It is only with the power of yoga that you establish heaven every cycle. This is the knowledge of the Creator and the beginning, the middle and the kumwris of daiyl, of the world cycle.

However, the basis of all of this is the most elevated relationship. This too is something to understand.


The speed of flying is determined by the method. Liberation is also called the land of nirvana. You children now have to awaken the whole world. Murli Point – English.

There is a lot of income in that. May you be seated on your seat of self-respect and give respect to all and thereby be respected by all. From satopradhan, you have become tamopradhan and you have to become satopradhan once again.

So why should you have attachment to thorns? It is just as when a teacher teaches, the register of the students shows everything. Wasteful thoughts are the subtle strings of some bondage of karma.

It is in this age that the Father kujaris to teach you. Therefore, it is an account of a point.

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There were temples in the kumars of all the kings; there were so many diamonds and jewels. You will then have gone on to the bfahma of devotion. However, when they say that each soul is the Supreme Soul, whom would the soul love? OK, if the person dies and the soul has departed, they bring the body here and finish it off here.

This is said to be the karmateet stage. There was no attainment through any of that. It is remembered that this is a forest of thorns.

BK Murli Today – 31 December – BK Murli Today 26 December

Continue to take advice from the Father. By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. Just as time is going by at a fast speed, similarly, all Brahmins are flying fast. We need to strictly follows the guidelines set by our seniors. The importance of the Point Zero.


Om shanti nice murli today https: Many people like peace. Previously, brahmin priests used to tie the rakhis. A kingdom is being established; this is fixed in the drama. By remembering Shiv Baba, you receive the sovereignty kumarie Paradise. There is nothing in the old world; it is like an empty box. The body is not yours. Have you given it or have you still kept it as yours? However, on the path of devotion, they built such a grand temple studded with diamonds and jewels.

Umrli you told an eminent person directly that he was an impure resident of hell, he would get very upset. There is no change in his costume. It definitely flies, but it doesn’t fly all the time. Whatever you receive is fine. Baba, we met you in the previous cycle too and claimed the inheritance of heaven. Become free from having thoughts about the illness of the body.