Bimsa Reports. likes · talking about this. Cd. de México: •21•60 Del interior del país••00 BIMSA (). A través de nuestra siguiente infografía, conoce más sobre cuál es el costo de construir una obra en México. ¡Descúbrelo!. To download BIMSA PRECIOS UNITARIOS PDF, click on the Download button CP MEXICO Horario: Lunes a Viernes bimsa precios.

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Reactions to possible increase in cement Read. Having information that allows us to generate timely recommendations is one of the main functions of the Market Intelligence area; thanks to Construleads we have been able to identify important hotel projects that would mean a great business opportunity for the continuous growth of our brands. Through the data we provide them with, they achieve new and better businesses in a dynamic, complex and highly competitive industry.

Enter your information User o email: In our professional activity, Activecost has been a fundamental tool in the real estate valuation process both in Mexico and international level, as through software malleability one can make estimates that are very close to the context and real situations. Construleads has become an important bridge towards our current and future clients, allowing closeness in time to future projects, such as the ones about to be built; it is a valuable tool for our growth as a construction industry supplier.

Bimsa Reports has helped us give place to our national level Technical Managers with specific works that have positive impact on the business and facilitate the creation of strategies.

We provide you with the most current and comprehensive data on unitary prices behavior and material costs used in civil and architectural developments in Mexico. For Cementos y Concretos Montezuma, efficient and fast information given by data from Construleads at Bimsa Reports has given us more value on market information, developing constructions and contact information in order to create timely negotiation with different clients, as well as a successful operation and contribution of new clients to the business.


They estimate more competition in cement

Likewise, it becomes into the most adequate support for auditing processes and fulfillment of valuation standards at global level.

We provide you with detailed information on the construction industry that you will not find anywhere else. Construleads concentrates information on constructions bimda new building projects, Activecost provides information on unitary prices and material costs, and BR Analytics is our ibmsa market intelligence modular tool. Experience Get solutions based on 56 years of knowing the Industry.

Subscribe to our Newsletter: Achieve now your market objectives in the construction industry Develop an effective business strategy with BR Analytics Optimize the commercial intelligence of your business Improve your sales force performance More information. You are never blmsa your own, we provide you with permanent technical support and post-sale service.

Do you need consulting specialized in the construction industry? Try our analysis tools for free!

Bimsa Reports has 3 business lines in order to offer you a comprehensive consulting on the construction industry and its behavior. Why should you be a Bimsa Reports business partner? Consulting Get advice from our expert team in order to make effective decisions. The years of growth; Bimsa stands out as the largest company of its type in Mexico and Latin America. The first Marketing Map of Mexico City is published. As a company, we think Activecost has been very useful in order to keep updated on budgets for our real estate maintenance, along with our clients and contractors.

Active cost is a very useful tool when generating parametric budgets for a fast evaluation of multisite commercial construction projects, as well as for vertical building construction. Why should you be a Bimsa Reports business partner?


Desarrolla una estrategia comercial efectiva con BR Analytics. We began editing books and reportx bases of material costs and unitary prices. We offer all the information there is on present and future construction teports at national level. Construleads and Activecost brands are created.

BR Statistics Analytics of the construction industry behavior. Specialized operations for market research and public perception. We are a reliable, complete and binsa model for our commercial partners. Profitability Get access to high value information to seize business opportunities.

Internationalization and presence in mass communication media ; strategic alliances and societies with companies from the United States, Canada and Europe. Construleads has detailed data on the type of development and its dimensions, investment amounts, growth of construction sites and main market players so that you can make an effective research for clients.

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We are experts in specialized research on the construction industry More information. Try our analysis tools for free! Nowadays, time and efficiency are holding hands and CFE knows and understands it, and that is why tools such as the Activecost database are a great collaborator in our daily job.

Consulting Get advice from reporfs expert team in order to make effective decisions. We are most sincerely thankful for the support.

Foundations and consolidation of the first market research and information services company in Mexico for the construction industry.