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Also, Basel presents a special case, because it is located at an international border, with its agglomeration stretching into three countries Germany, France and Switzerland. We develop a bi-level optimization model, where the upper level estimates the accuracy of the activity scheduling predicted from lower level optimization models. The new accessibility variables are used in a model of car and season ticket ownership and the number of car, public transport and non-motorized trips using data from the Swiss transportation microcensus.

Similar to a fundamental diagram of a single road, MFDs are characterized by an uncongested branch and a congested branch. The implementations of those solution concepts in MATSim merkblatt used on a scenario for nr.118 Zurich area, to reveal their strengths and weaknesses.

This technique ensures a fast computation. While our methodological frame allowed analysis of both personal and global network structure within one data collection, it also included several sources of bias. Autonomous taxis seem closer than ever before. The second step, a postprocessing step, uses generalized raking GRwhich reweights the output from hierarchical MCMC to perfectly satisfy known marginal control totals on the individual and household levels. Respondents with more positive attitudes towards online shopping exhibit a higher shopping cost sensitivity, which can be explained by the larger choice set when effectively considering both purchasing channels, while shopping time sensitivity differs by the product category and the pleasure of shopping.


The tool calculates Hansen-based accessibility indicators with the use of a customizable specification of the generalized walking costs, and it incorporates user-defined weights of destination attractiveness.

The German regulatory body has issued probabilistic safety assessment PSA guidelines, which had been elaborated for a comprehensive integrated safety review of all NPP in operation. Ziel der angestrebten Triangulation von Literaturrecherche und Experteninterviews ist eine umfassende Hypothesenliste zu menschlichen Verhaltensweisen in grossen Evakuierungsereignissen. The approach may help transport planners to assess merkblaht existing public transport networks and to plan public transport infrastructure for the era merkblayt automated vehicles.

Base Graduated arm with meroblatt Lid Diverse scale markings Sliding weight Counter weight Spirit level Knife edge Including carrying case The plastic case is designed to hold the balance in working position. Off-street residential parking market can be viewed as a case where the market-clearing price is the result of a set of characteristics, some of which have been the result of different policies.

Over all, we recommend the IVT approach for application in Switzerland. The proposed method efficiently assigns commuters to unused workplaces while respecting individual commuter preferences.

Most of the research in travel behavior forecasting relied on the equilibrium family of solution concepts.

Prof Dr Kay AXHAUSEN – Future Cities Laboratory | ETH Zurich

The proposed walkability index can be behaviorally calibrated, has been implemented as a geographic information system tool, and is published as open source software.

The time-tempe- rature-cycle is 24 hours and can be repeated several times. Journal home Journal issue About the journal.

However, most of the simulations developed focus on daily-life or short-term travel demand, although the share of the overall traffic volume caused by journeys not undertaken in daily life is increasing. Dropping device mounted on a stand, acrylic ball and mould with mm dia. The mainly observed demand reactions given higher fuel prices are the reduction of mileage and the consideration of smaller engine and diesel cars.


We show that each source exhibits a well-defined and reproducible MFD. The focus of the paper is to compare the modelling results following common practices in the life course calendar literature, based on random effects probit models with the results obtained with a dynamic random effects probit model with autocorrelation.

Activity type, duration, destination and mode are chosen simultaneously with respect to time and monetary budgets. Due to the complex task of destination choice modelling, there are just few agent-based simulations available. We discuss tools to de- crease bias and statistics on their possible impacts, with rather surprising results.

The Swiss Federal Data Protection and Information Commissioner evaluated this study, making this section particular interesting for those planning similar projects. Microsimulations have become merkvlatt important in the field of travel demand generation over the last years. When asking merlblatt a quotation the respective standard has to be indicated, so that the suitable machine can be offered.

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Joint decision making, on the contrary, has received much less consideration, probably due to the difficulty to represent it accurately and efficiently, and the reasonable predictions that can already be produced whithout considering it.

Thus, MFDs can be described by a combination of some of the following parameters: The integration of Foursquare data offers an alternative approach to solve this problem that has not been deeply explored until now.

Simple assembly and disassembly of the mixing bowl and stirrer.