Beretta pistol BERETTA Caution: Read this handling and manual carefully before loading the pistol. BASIC SAFETY RULES 1. NEVER POINT A FIREARM AT. The Beretta 21A Bobcat is a simple blowback pistol with a double-action/single- action (DA/SA) trigger mechanism. It is fitted with a frame-mounted manual. Beretta 21A Caliber. 22 or. 25 Auto Pistols. 20 page owners manual covering. | eBay!.

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The Beretta 21A Bobcat is a small pocket-sized semi-automatic pistol designed by Beretta. Current models are manufactured in the Beretta U. It is fitted with a frame-mounted manual thumb safety.

The frame is aluminum alloy, and the slide and barrel are carbon steel. These were made entirely of steel, including the frame. One defining feature of this pistol is the ‘tip-up’ barrel.


The barrel pivots on a beretya under the muzzle so that the chamber may be loaded with the slide in the closed position. This simplifies loading, unloading, and checking load status, as the slide is difficult to retract by hand. Also, the 21A Bobcat was designed without an extractor, relying on blowback inertia alone to remove fired cases from the chamber.

This can make it particularly sensitive to choice of ammunition to permit dependable operation.

Beretta Web – Owner’s Manuals

Do you have a photo of this pistol? Click here to send us your photo s to be added to our database. Description The Beretta 21A Bobcat is a small pocket-sized semi-automatic pistol designed by Beretta. The actual price you will pay will generally be much lower. Frame-mounted manual safety Hammer: Right-hand with 6 grooves Rifling Twist: Links and Reviews Manufacturer’s information page for the Beretta 21A.

Factory manual for the Beretta 21A Bobcat. Beretta befetta Bobcat review by MouseGuns.


Download Beretta User Manuals

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