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Table of contents Safety, regulatory and legal information Safety, regulatory and legal information Thank you for your purchase of this quality BenQ video projector! It has been designed to provide you with a home theater viewing experience. For the best result, please read this manual carefully as it is your best guide to the control menus and product operation.

Safety Instructions continued Never replace the lamp assembly until the projector has cooled down and is unplugged from the power supply. Do not attempt to disassemble this projector. There are dangerous high voltages inside which may cause death if you should come into contact with live parts.

Liquids spilled into the projector will void your warranty. Do not operate the projector lamp beyond the rated lamp life. Moisture condensation Never operate the projector immediately after moving it from a cold location to a hot location.

When the projector is exposed to mabual a change in temperature, moisture may condense on the crucial internal parts. To prevent the projector from possible damage, do not use the projector for at least 2 hours after a sudden change in temperature. Introduction Projector features The projector integrates high-performance optical engine projection and a user-friendly design bringing you an benw home viewing experience.

Shipping contents The projector is shipped s100 the cables required for connection to a Bennq and to video equipment. Carefully unpack and verify that you have all of the items shown below. If any of these items are missing, please contact your place of mabual.

Rear adjuster foot AC power cord inlet Kensington anti-theft lock slot Q100 control port Controls and functions Projector Power See “Start up” on page 23 Selecting the aspect ratio” on page 27 Toggles the projector between standby mode and on. When the projector is in standby, press once to turn the projector on.

When the projector is on, press twice to turn the projector to standby. Pressing any other button while the backlight is on keeps the backlight on for a further 10 seconds. Select this location with the projector suspended upside-down from the ceiling behind the screen. Note that a special rear projection screen and the BenQ Projector Ceiling Mounting Kit are required for this installation location. Safety instructions for ceiling mounting of the projector We want you to have a pleasant experience using your BenQ projector, so we need to mznual this safety matter to your attention to prevent damage to person and property.

If you intend to mount your projector on the ceiling, we strongly recommend manuaal you use a proper fitting BenQ projector ceiling mount kit and that you ensure it is securely and safely installed. How to determine the position of the projector for a given screen size Determine the aspect ratio of your screen, If you have a Refer to the ,anual and find the ebnq match to your screen size in the left columns labelled ‘Screen Diagonal’ Using this value, look across this row to the right to find the corresponding average distance from screen value in the column labelled ‘Average’.


Installation for a Installation for a 4: Connection You can connect the projector to any type of video equipment, such as a VCR, DVD player, digital tuner, cable or satellite decoder, video game console or digital camera. You can also connect it to a desktop or laptop PC or Apple Beenq system.

Connecting Audio The projector has a built-in mono speaker which is designed to provide basic audio functionality. Any stereo audio input if providedis mixed into a common mono audio output through the projector speaker. If you have a separate sound system, you will most likely want to connect the audio output of your Video source device to that sound system, instead of to the mono audio projector.

There are three types of DVI connector: The DVI-I socket is ww100 integrated connector which supports both formats: LCD or a function key with a monitor symbol on the notebook. Press FN and the labeled function key simultaneously. Connecting a Component Video source device The projector is equipped with two sets of Component Video sockets in use. You can connect up to 2 different Component Video devices at the same time. Connecting manuak S-Video source device Examine your Video source device to determine if it has an unused S-Video output socket available: To connect the projector to an S-Video source device: Take the optional accessory S-Video cable and connect one end to the S-Video output socket of the Video source device.

Connecting a composite Video source device Examine your Video source device to determine if it has an unused composite Video output socket available: To connect the projector to an composite Video source device: Take the optional accessory Video cable and connect one end to the composite Video output socket of the Video manua device. In the later stage of start up, a default BenQ logo is projected. If necessary Rotate manuaal focus ring to adjust the image clearness. Adjusting the projected image Adjusting manyal projection angle The projector is equipped with 1 quick-release adjuster foot and 1 rear adjuster foot.

These adjusters change the image height and projection angle. To beqn the projector: Press the front adjuster button and lift the front of the projector. Correcting keystone Keystoning refers to the situation where the projected image is noticeably wider at either the top or bottom.

It occurs when the projector is not perpendicular to the screen. To correct this, besides adjusting the projecting angle of the projector, you will need to manually correct it following ONE of these steps.

Optimizing the image To optimize the image, use the buttons on the projector or remote control, or use the on-screen menus.

For the operation of on-screen menus, refer to menus” on page Bebq following instructions are optional. You do not need to follow every step. It depends on the image quality you desire. Selecting an application mode The projector is preset with several predefined application modes so that you can choose one to suit your operating environment and input source picture type.


To select a operation mode that suits your need, press MODE. Use this to set the peak white level after you have previously adjusted the Brightness setting to suit your selected input and viewing environment. Shutting down the projector Press Power and a prompt message appears.

Press Power a second time to mqnual the projector off. The Power indicator light flashes orange and the lamp shuts down, the fans continue to run for approximately 90 seconds to cool down the projector.

Menu system Please note that the on-screen display OSD menus vary according to the signal type selected. Functions available when receiving different signal types Picture menu Some picture adjustments are available only when certain input sources are in use. Unavailable adjustments are not shown on the screen. Pro-Picture menu Some picture adjustments are available only when certain input sources are in use.

Mute off Adjusts audio volume level. Volume Sets the length of time the OSD will remain active after your last button press. The OSD Time manuak is from 5 to seconds.

Allows you to select which logo screen will display during projector start-up.

BenQ Projection Television W User Guide |

Three Splash Screen modes are available: Default BenQ logoblack screen or blue screen. BenQ logo A mode for operation in areas like high altitude or high temperature.


See High Altitude in a high altitude environment” Information menu This menu shows you the current operating status of the projector. Some picture adjustments are available only when certain input sources are in use.

Source Shows the native resolution of the input signal. Maintenance Care of the projector Your projector needs little maintenance.

BenQ Home Entertainment W100 User Manual

The only thing you need to do on a regular basis is to keep the lens clean. Never remove any parts of the projector except the lamp. Contact your dealer if other parts need replacing.

Cleaning the lens Clean the lens whenever you notice dirt or dust on the surface. Lamp information Calculation of lamp hour When the beq is in operation, the duration by hours of lamp usage is automatically calculated by the built-in timer.

The method of calculating the equivalent lamp hour is as follows: Pull the lamp from the projector. Resetting the lamp counter Do not reset if the lamp is not replaced as this could cause damage. Press and hold the EXIT button on the projector for 5 seconds to display the total used lamp time. If you try to re-start the projector, it will shutdown again.

Please contact your dealer for assistance. The projector needs 90 seconds to cool down. Or Please contact your dealer for assistance. Cause There is no power from the power cable.